Assembly Hall selling HVAC machines

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  • StarTrekAngel

    Not going to disclose a whole lot of details because it will implicate someone else without their consent. Someone very close to me, who is a non-baptized publisher (for almost 3 years now), went to work to the local assembly hall. Recently, they removed the existing HVAC machines and replaced them with new ones. These are four 80 ton units. We have seen them seating in the rear parking lot for several assemblies now but the units were no more than 3 years old when they were removed from service. They told this "brother" if he was interested in buying them (he usually likes to trade machinery, although I've never seen him take on something this big). He asked how much they were asking for the machines and they told him, in spanish "lo que nos quieras dar". While literally that translates into "make an offer", in the local slang that actually translates more like "you set the price". He was also reassured that he could sell them off later and keep whatever profit he made. They also offered to him a boom lift that has been seating there for a while too. While the lift is slightly aged, it is still in perfect working condition. They asked for $5,000, he offered 3,000 and they said ok without any further questions.

    Never the less, this "brother" is shocked. He never expected the WT to be this wasteful. I tried explaining to him that just like any other business, they tend to sale depreciated assets for pennies on the dollar. He still baffled by the idea that they are using our donations to replace equipment that is perfectly functional.

  • macys
    I remember they did this in my old hall with the AC. One of the brothers was a AC guy and he said they should be replaced after 5 years of use because of mold. The cost to replace them was more than 20 G's.. I said to my father I could buy a new car for that! Nice quick profit for him. And yes he was an elder!
  • JeffT

    If those things have mold in them, they are a huge liability. I presume that several thousand people go through that building. If there is mold, every one of those people is a potential lawsuit.

    And they may well have to do it again if they don't maintain the system properly.

  • JustVisting
    This type of equipment has a reasonable service life of at least 15-20 years if designed, installed and maintained according to manufacturer's specifications. If there is in fact a problem with mold, then the entire system including duct-work would need to be gutted and replaced. This is a very labor intensive job because of mold remediation that needs to be performed before the new equipment is installed. It sounds like the AH maintenance servant or local big shot elder is fishing to make some easy money at the expense of the House of God.
  • StarTrekAngel

    This are the external units only. I would seriously doubt that such piece of engineering designed to last so many years can be crippled by mold (provided that they are maintained)

    Edit: did not mean to say the equipment itself would fail because of mold. Meant to say that it would be no longer viable for use.

  • Mandrake
    I would translate "lo que nos quieras dar" as "whatever you offer" in the way we use "I don't give a ..."
  • Mandrake
    Years ago I was in charge of the sound equipment, and discovered and old power mixer amplifier. It was a 70's model made with wood and solid metal parts, it weighed a ton!... And was in perfect functions conditions, just some dust. I asked the elders if I could take it and they replied that otherwise it would be dumped. I restored it and had it with me some time, it sounded GREAT. Unfortunately I lent it to a rural congregation just mont before I leave, so they are still using it... I want it back to amplify my (future) turntable!!! Luckily I think that taking it back it's still possible

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