This morning's WT: mundane miracle and another hint

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  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    More proof of God's backing!

    on Friday, April 19, 2019 . . . a crowd of 20,919,041 gathered to observe the Memorial of Jesus’ death. We are moved to stay focused on the Kingdom work when we reflect on our privilege to see and to be a part of this modern-day miracle.

    Ummm . . . Yeah, no, that just lines up with very standard demographics: Current number of active JWs, plus inactive JWs and family members who go to this 'service' every year like it's Easter, plus a very relatively few 'interested' people.

    Then there's possibly another alluding to 2034 . . .

    Consider what happened in the days of Noah. Jehovah proved that he is the perfect Timekeeper. Some 120 years in advance, Jehovah fixed the time for the Flood to begin. Decades later, Jehovah commissioned Noah to build the ark. For perhaps 40 or 50 years before the Flood began, Noah continued to work hard. Despite facing an unresponsive audience, he kept preaching the warning message until Jehovah said that it was time to bring the animals into the ark. Then, right on time, “Jehovah shut the door.”​. . . Soon Jehovah will bring the Kingdom-preaching work to a conclusion; he will “shut the door” on Satan’s system of things
  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    Or - they consider the door to the ark is being sealed shut and no one else can come in. So they expecting no further increase - maybe?

  • Acluetofindtheuser

    If they keep pushing that 120 year preaching period leading up to 2034, then they should publish a watchtower that states the book of Jasher is now part of the bible cannon. Only the book of Jasher spells out a 120 preaching campaign of Noah before the decree to flood the world. Genesis is kind of cryptic as to what the 120 year period is meant to be for. Is it is a countdown to the flood or a reduction in the human lifespan? Also, who in bethel got the big booming message from the sky in 1914 that declared mankind has 120 years left before the big A?

  • pistolpete

    The last Kumbh Mela gathering had 220 MILLION PEOPLE descend for a 50 day Hindu festival. Was that a miracle?

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    Pistolpete if you read all of Matt 24 to them and tell them it is the truth, they will just say 'no it is not because it came out of your mouth.'

    You see it must come from the right channel. Therefore, if it not in the Watchtower, read by someone who, however immoral, is in good standing, then it is not the 'truth.'

    Also their 'truth' has a use by date on it. About 0.5 of a nano second after it has been uttered. Then it becomes old light which may or may not be part of God's (for God's read GB's) purpose depending on how useful it is to them looking backwards.

    So... if they say it's a miracle... tomorrow they might say that was old light and it was all God's fault for misleading them.

  • waton

    god shut the door of the ark, now, according to this wt magazine, god shuts the door on satan's system of things.

    the ark has been upgraded to an airliner type door that shuts, hermetically seals from the inside.

    frankly, for the powerful creator of the universe and beyond, a very poor job is being done to get this particular foot borne message across to places that just block, ignore the spread. .

  • pistolpete

    Also their 'truth' has a use by date on it. About 0.5 of a nano second after it has been uttered.

    That's true Anna, but they can also stretchhhh their truth into an "Overlapping generation"

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina
    Yes pistol, they have lyrca lies.
  • Listener

    It's November 2020 and they are going on about a memorial observation service held 20 months ago. What no mention of the 2020 memorial? And they call this a modern day miracle.


    2034... Only 14 years away. How many GB members will be dead by then?

    DD 🤔

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