List of Things We Were NOT Allowed To Do as JW's

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  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze

    Here's my List of JW No-No's as I recall:

    1. No giving or accepting Valentine Candy for students

    2. No going to Home Coming Football games

    3. No School Sports

    4. No friends that are not JW's

    5. No birthdays

    6. No Mothers Day or Father's Day

    7. No Thanksgiving Day

    8. No Christmas

    9. No voting

    10. No Military Involvement

    11. Cannot be a Police Officer

    12. Cannot be a community leader or run for office

    13. No dating Christians or anyone not a JW

    14. Cannot sing the National Anthem

    15. Cannot celebrate Veterans Day

    16. Cannot say "Bless You" when someone sneezes

    17. No garage sale shopping because items might be demonized

    18. No blood transfusions

    19. No giving to charities

    20. No partaking of the New Covenant bread & wine "for the forgiveness of sins) Mt. 26: 27-28

    21. Cannot preach the ministry of reconciliation since that supossedly ended in 1935

    22. No beards allowed.

    23. No smoking

    24. No working for a Christian affiliated organization like the YMCA

    25. No communicating with those who leave the Watchtower for Conscience Reasons (Mentally Diseased)

    26. No college or university education

    27. No praying to Jesus

    28. Cannot worship Jesus

    29. No school prom attendance

    30. Cannot salute the flag of your country

    31. Can...(Cannot)... Can...Perform Alternative Sevice In Place Of Military Service.

    32. Cannot own a gun (Hunting Bow and Knives Are OK)

    33. Cannot personally accept any of the promises in the New Testament (only for the GB - the remnanat of the 144K)

    34. Cannot study bible with friends apart from a Watchtower service.

    35. Cannot accept Jesus as your Mediator

    36. Cannot give your spouse a gift on Mothers Day or Fathers Day

    37. Cannot sing or listen to any gospel song

    38. Cannot attend ANY Christian event

    39. Cannot Celebrate Christs' Birth

    40. Not allowed to be class president as a student

    41. Not allowed to join a political party

    42. Not allowed to have a personal relationship with Jesus.

    43. Not allowed to sing to Jesus or talk to him in anyway.

    44. Not allowed to change to a different church.

    45. Not allowed to participate in most extracirricular activities at school

    46. Not allowed to thank military verterans for their service.

    47. Not allowed to read anything critical of the Watchtower

    48. Not allowed to read Christian essays or commenrtaries.

    49. No baby dedications

    50. Not allowed to get baptized until fully indoctrinated into Watchtower Ideology

    51. Cannot listen to Contemporary Christian Music

    52. Cannot watch church services on TV

    53. Cannot attend family reunions with Non-JW relatives

    54. Cannot watch movies with A Christian moral theme like "Miracle on 34th Street"

    55. Cannot say "amen" if in a situation when a Christian prays

    56. Not allowed to give to charities like Red Cross in times of disasters

    57. Cannot marry anyone not a JW

    58. Not allowed to critisize the Governing Body in anyway.

    59. Not allowed to engage in "Independent Thinking"

    60. Not allowed to use the word: Grace

    61. Not allowed to "Come to Jesus" so he can give you rest.

    62. Not allowed to wear casual clothes to services

    63. No Resurrection Day services

    64. Not allowed to wear or own a cross.

    66. Not allowed to say God Bless You.

    67. Not allowed to sing Star Spangled Banner

    68. No Christmas carols allowed

    69. No telling the truth "to those not entitled to it".

    Can you remember anything else we weren't allowed to do?

  • enoughisenough

    don't work for or in a church, don't sell tobacco products , don't wear short skirts or tight pants, or low cut tops,

  • joe134cd

    But remember you can fly the national flag on a KH property. If the government will fine you for not doing so.

  • Vanderhoven7

    no hypnosis

    worldly psychiatrists dangerous

  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze

    My mother was baptized in 1942 and was severely critisized by her schoolmates for not saluting the flag. She was kicked out of school everyday and was one of the "Kingdom Kids" that had to be homescholled during the landmark flag salute case that went before the Supreme Court.

    It was just all for show, creating martyrs for publicity stunt artists. She would turn over in her grave if she saw this now.

    Proudly Flying The Flag of Chile at a Kingdom Hall - Tell me about JW  Neutrality again please? - Topics - The World News Media

  • peacefulpete
    Do real research and share what you learn with others.
  • jonahstourguide

    Wow what a comprehensive list Sea Breeze.

    And every item you note is how it was as we grew (were dragged) up in da troof.

    And here in Australia, not allowed to stand for the national anthem at the movies in the early sixties.

    I was castigated at school for not saluting the flag every Monday morning.

    Then was made to stand in the corner of every class until i peed myself as I was not allowed out of the


    Reminds me of a song by "Madness" "Baggy trousers" 'Oh what fun we had, but did it really turn out bad'

    Turned out good coz we woke up and left ha ha


  • Lost in the fog
    Lost in the fog

    3, 4, 17, 19. We were able to do these 4 things.

    Guess some areas were stricter than others.

  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze

    Here's a few more:

    1. No shooting fireworks at 4th of July or New Year's

    2. No New Year's Eve Parties

    3. No large get-to-gethers

    4. No sleeping in on Saturday mornings

    5. Not allowed to call on the name of Jesus, only Jehovah

    6. Cannot work as an armed security guard

    7. Cannot eat birthday cake offered to you at the office

    8. Not allowed to let a non JW pray for you.

    9. Not allowed to accept or read Christian literature of any kind

    10. Not allowed to attend a wedding in a church

    11. Not allowed to wish someone "good luck"

    12. Not allowed to join the boy scouts or girl scouts

    13. Not allowed to give to the Salvation Army

    14. Not allowed to visit websites critical of the Watchtower

    15. Not allowed to attend class reunions (as if someone would want you there)

    16. Not allowed to think the Jews still have a national covenant with God

    17. Not allowed to receive a birthday gift or card at work.

    18. Not allowed to give to Toys for Tots for poor children

    19. Not allowed to get a tatoo

    20. Not allowed to join the Coast Guard

    21. Not allowed to work for the Border Control

    22. Not allowed to see a parent after age 18 who has joined another church

  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze


    Sounds like your whole family got out... very rare. Good for you though!!

    I was castigated at school for not saluting the flag every Monday morning.

    Then was made to stand in the corner of every class until i peed myself as I was not allowed out of the classroom.

    Yea, the WT loved the abuse we received for being so anti-social and difficult to be around. My mother was spit on and called Nazi during WWII years. I was screamed at every morning during the flag salute in the 4th grade and told to go stand in the hall. All the while, the mostly childless task masters in Brooklyn raked in the publicity and congratulated themselves on their court victories for "freedom".

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