The Christian Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses of Namibia and legal problems

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    Thanks for the post, Terry, and, Ernest, for the link.

    Likely the GB are afraid that this might set a precedent that other governments would learn of and then start taxing Witnesses elsewhere for SS. That's something they really do not want, not only for financial reasons but because it would potentially make the WTS liable to further government control, like demanding their financial records. That would be really scary for them.

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    JW GoneBad
    (a) the manner in which the individual works is subject to the control or direction of that other person; (b) the individual’s hours of work are subject to the control or direction of that other person; (c) in the case of an individual who works for an organisation, the individual’s work forms an integral part of the organisation; (d) the individual has worked for that other person for an average of at least 20 hours per month over the past three months; (e) the individual is economically dependent on that person for whom he or she works or renders services; (f) the individual is provided with tools of trade or work equipment by that other person; (g) the individual only works for or renders services to that other person;

    The WTBTS provides, controls and directs all the ministerial activities of Bethel workers as well as JW rank and file. Looks like an employer and employee relationship to me!:) So go ahead and tax the hell out of these sons-of-beaches!

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    cha ching

    This article (shown in this YouTube ) states that there are 2,448 JWs that get a monthly income of N$940 in the 44 branches in Africa.

    It would cost you N$1236 NADs (Namibian Dollars) to buy $100 USD. That is 8% of the value. So, if you received N$940 a month, that equals $72 USD, for hardworking Bethelites.

    At around three minutes you can read that the WT registered itself as a "company".... not a religion... and that is why, after trying their whole "vow of obedience and poverty" thing, the court says "sorry" but the law says "beep". "They failed to explain why they registered as an employer" "The church cannot get a free card just because it is doing the work of God"'

    I like that, "no free card for WT"!

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