Indian Branch Office Sold!

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  • Eliseo
  • blondie

    So are they building a new; if not, that is amazing news.

  • blankspace

    They've bought apartments and a office floor in a gated community. The community name is Brigade Orchards in Bangalore. It lies behind the airport. I have the letter with me and I'll post the gist of it in a while. BTW, the contributions received in India went up by 30% last year (according to the letter).

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    i wonder what the publisher to population ratio is in India ? about 1 in 100 million i guess. does the watchtower still publish those ratios ?

  • Gayle

    google translate:

    Deep throats pass us this tip.
    Yesterday a letter would be read to the Bethel family in India.
    Waiting for the letter, the information given was as follows:
    It will no longer print in India (the literature will come directly from Selters, in Germany)
    The contributions made for that purpose will be used for the construction and maintenance of Kingdom Halls
    Part of the contributions had already been used to buy the four-story residential complex that was needed for the India Branch
    The complex will be rented
    Everyone was encouraged to cook for themselves

  • LV101

    Why does the cult need a rental complex in India -- couldn't be for their real estate investment portfolio now could it!

  • Hairtrigger

    India has around 40000 publishers to a population of around 1.4 billion people - the unofficial number is even more. Most of the publishers in the East I.e. Calcutta Siliguri Meghalaya Mizoram Nagaland etc have publishers who rarely go out on service and if they do they fudge up numbers. Growth is dismal. This is just the English speaking congregations. The regional language congregations dont fare much better as most of the Eastern states with the exception of Bengal ( includes Calcutta and siliguri) are Christian states and very few -if any are interested in the Watchtowers version of bullshit. The current government doesn’t look kindly on non -Hindu groups hence the need to get into a gated community albeit renting. The returns from the sale would be substantial as real estate in any of the big cities pays big bucks.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy
    The biggest Indian takeaway the WTBTS has ever ordered!
  • Corney
  • smiddy3

    And as is most always true of these non Christian Nations the bulk of their converts / believers is mainly made up of those people who have been poached from the christian population .

    Those that have already been converted to Christianity by Missionaries of Christendom years prior.

    Very few if any at all are made up of anyone converting straight from an Indian religion straight to the JW religion.

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