Do Jehovah's witnesses take therapy?

by Gokumonkey 20 Replies latest watchtower medical

  • AdrianIsMagic

    I was never aloud to see a counsellor or therapist when I was at school and in DIER need of it. Even though I was getting totally screwed up, because I should just 'pray to jehovah and all will be well' 'read and study the bible and you will become find' and all that shit. My parents were always worried about the therapist thinking that I was getting screwed up because of the religion if I said anything and that bad things would happen because of it because that's what the elders said.

    The only reason I got therapy later on (then I was 19) was because of my eating disorder and the doctor made me see a therapist so that I wouldn't die. And because I was over 18. But if I went to therapy when I first needed to at 9 years old things might not be as bad as they are now and i might not of ended up with scars all over my body.

    No no amount of praying alone or being prayed for will to jack.

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