Beth-Shan - Digital Reconstruction - IMAGES & DRAWINGS WANTED

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  • Bloody Hotdogs!
    Bloody Hotdogs!

    (Just posted this over on EXJW reddit as well)

    As part of my masters in architecture degree (a treat to myself after leaving JWs about 4 years ago), I'm attempting to digitally reconstruct some of Watchtower's significant early buildings. My goal is to produce accurate architectural drawings and images based on solid evidence. Often, analysis of architecture can shed light on the people/beliefs/cultures/etc. that created them.

    Beth-Shan, Rutherford's "House of Security", is proving difficult to document. There are anecdotal accounts of the interior and existence of basements and bomb shelters, but to my knowledge, nothing linking those stories to original blueprints or verifiable photographs. Contacting current owners has not produced anything.

    Do you guys have or know of any documents, images, etc. that might be helpful? I've heard that original blueprints for the main house still exist, somewhere... How about verifiable photos of the "bomb-shelter"?

    A preview of my reconstruction and the images it is based on, can be found here:

  • Dreamerdude

    Fascinating work, Bloody Hotdogs!

    I didn't realize part of Beth Shan was still standing, until very recently. Beth Sarim is quite well known by the local JWs and they are eager to show it to visitors who read about it in the Proclaimers book. Beth Shan needs some publicity too.

  • tepidpoultry

    I'm shocked to hear about Beth Sharim

    Apparently the white wash is complete

  • Finkelstein

    Rutherford had both properties Beth Sharim and Beth Shan listed locally as religious compounds so he could doge property taxes, that tricky lawyer.

  • Dreamerdude

    Apparently it was one big 75 acre property, with a small canyon in the middle. The houses were perched on cliffs on opposing sides of the canyon. A nice way to slip undetected from one part of town to another, in case the Japanese bombed one side. Or in case the FBI came to arrest the Judge. So much for relying on Jehovah. The bunker mentality of is not new.

  • Bloody Hotdogs!
    Bloody Hotdogs!

    Yes, the entire main house still exists, but has been added to. If the supposed bomb shelter still exists, it should be under the carport of the neighbouring house.

    The Beth-Sarim property was never part of the 75 acre Beth-Shan estate. Beth Sarim was built on a +/- 1.6 acre lot within the Kensington Park/Heights subdivision, created in 1910. There was always a valley and public road separating the two properties.

  • smiddy

    Beth sarim I have been familiar with but Beth Shan ? thats a knew one on me ,how could I not know anything about this place.?

    I have been "out" for more than 20 years but have been on this site for about 10 years and I`ve never heard of Beth shan before. Or is it something that just never registered with me.?

    I was "in" for 33 years and knew about Beth Sarim but never heard anything about Beth Shan .before.

  • Crazyguy

    Why was this place built???

  • Bloody Hotdogs!
    Bloody Hotdogs!

    This is exactly why I'd like to properly document this place. Few people seem to know it exists, yet, if the rumours are true, it's a wildly embarrassing chapter in the Rutherford saga.

  • ToesUp

    Do a search on YouTube for: Beth Sarim

    Quite a few videos and photos done over the years.

    Good luck on your project.

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