How can I succeed in life not being a jw again?

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  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    I dunno. I do know that if you become a JW again, it is unlikely you will be a success. Better to make a 'to do" list for after you are resurrected.

  • Willie647
    Willie647 and more work. As a young man that is how I overcame the lack of worldly experience and education. Work was my savior. I could just put aside all the jw bull and concentrate on perfecting my craft. As success came also came friends and a new wife. Then cars,motorcycles,boats,hunting,fishing and lots of travel and fun all around. People keep asking on this site how to have to work and make money. That allows you to get everything else. Simply,it starts and ends with work. As an older man now I have more toys than I can play with,more house than I can use and lots to do. And I still work in my business everyday. If you work as hard working as you did at being a witness you can't help but succeed. So,enough whining and worrying, just go to work like you mean it. Then provide for yourself and your family,enjoy life and have fun.

  • Finkelstein

    how can I succeed in this only life I have and achieve my dreams?

    Well for starts you left a corrupt mind controlling cult you succeeded on that account.

    Want to succeed more, further your education and try and help humanity in some purposeful way.

  • S K Ditta
    S K Ditta

    May I ask for your consideration:

    What interests you?

    What natural ability do you have?

    What particular skill might align your interest with that ability?

  • finallysomepride


    I've been at work for the last 12 hours, what happened to victory's other 7 topics?

    did i miss something?


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