Episode 4 of This JW Life is out now......

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  • dubstepped

    Spent all day yesterday writing two episodes and recording and editing one podcast of This JW Life. So, episode 4 of my podcast is now out. I took a minute away from my story (though it is still laced throughout this one) to lay out what goes on inside of a Kingdom Hall, who the players are, what they believe, and hopefully set a foundation that will help explain my story as one. Next week I'll go into two cult models and how they apply to Jehovah's Witnesses, as well as any form of abuse, really. Anyway, I hope those that listen enjoy this one and learn something. I think that even ex-JWs will enjoy this one and can use it to help explain to others what we believed. I think you'll enjoy my explanation of things. ;)

    You can go listen on my site here directly:


    Or you can subscribe on iTunes or Google Play or other podcatchers to listen and get each new episode as it comes out.

    My goal with this is to tell my story, but really to tell all of our stories, in a way that people that were never JWs can understand and to open their eyes to the realities of it all. I've received great feedback from ex-JWs and people that are just curious alike. Spread the word. Share on social media. Leave positive iTunes reviews so that it ranks higher and more people can find and listen to it. I make no money off of this and have nothing to promote, I'm just telling a story that needs to be told and trying to reach a new audience.

  • stuckinarut2

    Thanks buddy!

    Looking forward to it!

  • dubstepped

    You're very welcome!


    Hi Perfect shall listen to this tonight

    Cheers WGO.

  • jambon1

    Will be listening at work tomorrow. 👏🏽

  • Closer to Fine
    Closer to Fine

    I often listen to podcasts at work. I look forward to listening to yours, dubstepped. Thank you very much.

  • dubstepped
    Enjoy! Feel free to come back and let me know what you think.
  • jambon1

    I thought it was a very comprehensive and easy to understand run down of JW beliefs. The little part about field service and coffee breaks brought back the memories - the feeling of doing a fruitless work just because you 'had too' and it being so unenjoyable that your main highlight was a coffee and a bit of cake. Crazy how I put myself through it looking back.

    It strikes me (and you can correct me if I'm wrong here) that when you verbally cover their beliefs, it's very difficult not to let out the odd snigger. I could hear the laughter in your voice at some points and I think it's indicative of just how absurd the belief system is. I've been away from it for over a decade and when I'm listening to the beliefs it's actually making me laugh AND cringe at the same time.

    Good podcast. Really like your tone and pace. If I'm correct, the next podcast is relating to shunning. Something I'm very passionate about. The more that speak out against this the better.

    Good job. Thanks for the work & effort you put into it.

  • dubstepped

    @jambon - Oh yes, when writing out the beliefs I couldn't help but snicker, and I took some shots here and there. I once took such things so seriously, and I haven't had to explain them in a while, so it just hit me how ridiculous it all was, and saying it aloud was funny to me.

    The next podcast isn't specifically about shunning, but believe me that will be addressed. It was a big part of my waking up. I do address it in the next one, but will hit it even harder later in my story.

    The next episode is about the FOG, fear, obligation, and guilt, and I will lay out how they use it to form their culture. I will also use the BITE model. I want people to understand what really makes them so dangerous.

  • moreconfusedthanever

    I am new here. I was brought up a JW and am now in my mid 40s. I credit my coming out of the fog to a couple of things. 1. Getting depression so I couldn't leave the house other than to go to work and take care of the usual mundane life stuff. About a year or so of not going to the meetings and a couple of elders visited and one of them said that if I had real depression, I would not have been able to leave the house at all. 2. I have a child with high functioning autism and his mind works in wonderful ways. Every time I would explain something that we believe he would look at me and say "that doesn't make sense and I don't believe it." He refuses to go to the meetings and rather than cause a full on meltdown we just stopped going. So we have been pretty much out for 2 years now and I have had no calls or contact from any of my "loving brother's and sister's" other than them telling my mum that they miss me and feel like I am their actual sister but they don't know what to say to me for fear of upsetting me yadda yadda yadda. They all have my phone number and a quick text message to say "hi how are you?" doesn't take much effort or time. Two years and nothing! My mum is a die hard and is taking the lack of "spirituality" very hard. She even offered to pay my son $5 per meeting if he would go with her. He told her that he was never going to get baptised because he would be afraid to do something wrong and never be able to speak to his friends or family again.

    The nail in the coffin came when I read the court transcripts from the ARC and Geoff Jackson was asked if the GB was god's spokesman on earth and he said "it would be very presumptuous to say that". That is what they say though and ones like my mother believe to got against what the GB say is to go against Jehovah and means your very life and cannot see past all the deception. Terry O'Brien told the ARC that JW do not baptise children but only ones that are nearing adulthood. Hmmm I just heard about a study that got baptised along with her 9 year old son.

    Well now I am at the "what now?" stage?

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