Crisis of conscience

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  • Finkelstein

    because there's merit to what so called 'apostates' are saying and the society doesn't want to lose its followers

    Precisely, there's more truth coming out of apostate EX-JWS than what comes out of the WTS's leaders themselves.

    Maybe not so surprising in the realization the WTS top men are running their own religious publishing house.

  • Wild_Thing

    In my opinion, a lot of it was very dry and difficult to get through. but totally worth the struggle. I had to put it down and come back to it several times. I first read it as I was in the process of leaving.

    I have thought about reading it again. I am guessing I will get something totally different out of it now that I am older and have been gone for so many years.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I was first doubting things, I avoided reading it because it was “apostate”. Finally I secretly got a PDF copy and everything in it has the sound of “truth“. There is nothing sensational and,in fact, Ray Franz does not sound vengeful. I believe that he experienced the same kind of awakening that many of us here have experienced. He sounds as though he was a true believer, but in an effort to convince himself he stumbled across the obvious— it is all a delusion. There are so many lies, half truths, mis-statements, misquotes, and things that are just total [email protected] ups. To admit all of this would be the total collapse of the WT, Which issomething that (I believe) the GODs have determined they cannot afford to let happen, so they “lie, cheat, & steal” to protect the corporation and themselves. Thus they must have maximum information control. Were they to come out with the real truth about “The Truth” then they would all be in the unemployment line.

  • moreconfusedthanever

    I loved that book. Read it in two days.

    He gave his entire life to them. Sacrificed much in the name of serving Jehovah.

    just because he wouldn't agree with everything they wrote they went on a witch Hunt to find some way to ensure his knowledge of the inner workings stay secret. They disfellowshiped him and then give him a terrible name in the JW community.

    The thing that got me was the way they make decisions on rules. 2/3 majority votes on issues that actually do mean life or death and no prayers to Jehovah on the matter. The blind followers still believe that they come together weekly to prayerfully seek guidance.

    They are so far from Christian.

  • jookbeard

    a deal breaker, the so called GB are nothing but the wizard in the movie when the curtain is pulled out, I used that example in my JC, a group of institutionalised pathetic sexual deviant OAP's who have as much insight into biblical prophecy as a man sweeping the streets

  • no-zombie

    After reading both of Franz's book, 'Crisis of Conscience' and 'In Search of Christian Freedom', I feel that he ultimately was a Reformist at heart despite being disfellowshiped. But no-one can deny the unique insight he gave about in the inner circle of the Governing Body and their thinking. Sadly, you could say the Franz probably did more good after his expulsion from the Organization that while at the head of it ... better late than never, I suppose.

  • Moster

    I felt as though he was sincere, and truly heartbroken about what he was apart of. He came across as very humble and honest. I was left feeling sorry for him, and for myself and my family.

  • EverApostate

    Great book for any JWs or potential converts (Who are bold enough to read it). Very interesting and mature all along. I feel the author Ray Franz provided 100% transparency about the inner workings of the WT, during that time.

    I bought this book twice as my JW wife trashed the first one and reported to the elders about it, who came on an interrogation visit, where I confessed reading it

    The Next time I bought it, I made a deal with my wife that if this book stays in the house, then the WT Publications would stay. Deal done. And here I am as a Happy and Free Atheist.

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