219 wt release : The Slave Slaves, Discreetly?

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  • prologos

    at the anniversary of the 1914 enthronement, wt published the book God's Kingdom Rules ( mostly a rewrite of the trumpets of revelation.) to where all wt actions are precipitated by the "kingdom rule"[rs].

    Only 3 years away is the centennial of christendom's more awaited event, the first appointment of the Faithful and Discreet Slave., residing mostly in Brooklyn NY, USA, . surely under that mandate there are preparation under way there, or patterson, or warwick, for a follow up in that series. Above just one title suggestion, you have a one better? could even be copyrighted to ensure authenticity. and suggest some title chapter and content like:

    1) teaching of the slave in 1919 that merited appointment: " millions now living will never die, because the world has ended!"

    2) ancient worthies invisibly resurrected in 1925, substituted later by elders.

    13} short chapter, because the second appointment over all the belongings will be short, because it is followed immediately by the slave and other partakers to be called to heaven, raptured, and bodies disposed off by angels, like in 033.

    help wt writers with other jwfacts

  • prologos

    I corrected that 219 to 2019 release, but it did not go through, sorry. and "discreetly", so nobody notices it.

  • TheWonderofYou

    Dicreet and Foolish Virgin Slaves ready to be lightbearers at 1919
    Rutherford prepares discreetly slave virgins for the King Jesus as co-laborers

    26.3.2019 -- 100 years celebration elders not democratically elected any longer.! - willingful servants slave elders ready to take up the work of changing the group into a aweful cult.

    Following some Watchtower texts:

    The harvest began.

    However, the year 1919 saw a dramatic change. (Wow!)

    The fall of “Babylon the Great”—already occurred back in 1919. (That is definitely visible and documented Hahaha!)

    In 1919, Jehovah caused ‘heaven’ and “earth” to produce events in a similar way in order to liberate his people. (Look - how JW now interprete "heaven and earth")

    Brother Rutherford and his associates were released from prison on March 26, 1919. On March 26, 1919, the imprisoned officers were released, and later all charges against them were dropped. (Was that the Big Occasion?)

    The international Kingdom proclamation that began in
    1919 resulted in thousands of additional anointed “sons” and “daughters” being joined to the Israel of God. (slave virgins)

    All the evidence shows that in 1919, anointed Christians were freed from Babylon the Great and were gathered into a cleansed congregation.

    Then in 1919 something unexpected happened.

    Before 1919, discreet anointed Christians had diligently sought to discern God’s will for them, despite their temporary weakened state.

    Hence, when the call came to give forth light, they were ready.

    Similarly, loyal anointed Christians in 1919 refused to do anything that would diminish their own capacity to bear light. Thus, they passed inspection.

    Both in 537 B.C.E. and in 1919 C.E., Jehovah had a perfect right to liberate his people

    When the Greater Cyrus, Jesus Christ, freed God’s covenant people from captivity to Babylon the Great in 1919, they came to a better understanding of Jehovah’s requirements.

    Since when in modern times has the cry “Your God has become king!” been heard? Since 1919. In that year at a convention in Cedar Point, Ohio, J. F. Rutherford, then president of the Watch Tower Society, stirred his listeners with a talk entitled “Address to Co-laborers.” The talk, based on Isaiah 52:7 and Revelation 15:2, encouraged all present to take up the preaching work.

    "Since 1925 Gods convenant people have been busy engaged in the proclamation of the kingdom of God" Rutherford.

    Before 1919, congregations of God’s people were administered by elders and deacons, all of whom were democratically elected by members of the congregation.


    Enough stuff for study articles based on previous Wt study articles. In combination its a mix of 1919 until 1925 -glorification and manifestation of a cult DATE again. Do you know a more important "cult-date"?

  • prologos

    It will be a wonder to see how wt will handle 2019, 27 years, a ~generation after the death of F Franz, the quintessential over-lapped.

  • Vidiot


    I had no idea slaves wore gold cuff links and iWatches.

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