Were we really meant to live forever?

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  • Leathercrop

    Our capacity for adaptation (there's an official term somewhere) is apparently very vast. Meaning that whatever is a novelty always becomes old news and apparently it happens very quickly. Human beings in fact have to put a lot of effort into not discarding valuable things and relationships because of our overwhelming tendency to become incredibly used to it and just plain bored with them.

    The human experience is limited. Even if we transferred into so called intergalactic habitats , eventually we will run out of new things to experience. The concept of existing forever and ever and ever with nothing new to experience becomes rather odd.

    The concept of everlasting life we may have embraced as JWs I think only seemed appealing out of the also natural fear of losing someone and something we love. But if that fear is eliminated, if we can never lose it does the idea of eternity then stop computing in our minds?

  • BoogerMan

    Were we really meant to die forever? 🙁

    No one in their right might would want to live forever on the earth, the way things are just now.

    If you were given the choice, which one would you choose: a temporary life - 840 months, or a permanent one ?

  • carla

    If you believe you are a spiritual being having a human experience you will not fear death at all. I don't. I look forward to what comes next. I realize I am probably one of the few on this board to believe this. My jw cannot wrap his head around my view either. In fact he says I am lying. I am in no hurry at the moment to go nor do I look forward to the actual process of dying but afterwards? I am quite looking forward to that!

  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze
    If you believe you are a spiritual being having a human experience you will not fear death at all.

    @ carla - I think there is a lot to potentially fear.

    Scripture says that "it is appointed unto man once to die, and then judgment". - Hebrews 9: 7

    Thankfully, God took on human form and died in my place at Calvary Hill and I accepted the offer to be judged there for my sin, as opposed to the Great White Throne Judgment. There will be no vicarious punishment available for sin at the GWT.

    I have my personal safety guarantee on record from a man who publically stated that he would be killed and then he would resurrect himself from the dead, while he was dead. Then, he did it. So, I have a sound basis for my belief in not fearing death.

    He who believes in Him is not judged; he who does not believe has been judged already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. - Jesus recorded in John 3: 18

    @ Carla - Do you mind if I ask you what is the basis for your belief that you have nothing to fear after death?

  • peacefulpete

    A lot of us realize that not existing before we were born was no problem at all. So why should it be different after we're gone.

  • carla

    Well Sea Breeze I am more on your side of the fence than you know. Many of the likes on your posts were from me in fact. I am not necessarily a traditionalist Christian (if that is even a thing). I know my Redeemer Lives as will I. My God is Love and yes, I am a Trinitarian though some see things differently and the word itself has different meaning to different folks. I do not care for fire & brimstone type preaching and find it spiritually harmful. I still find the jw's and other cults (which can include churches) to be damaging to the soul. They will have much to answer for in my opinion.

    I no longer feel it is my job or responsibility to get my jw out of his ungodly cult. It is the job of Christ & the Holy Spirit. I have planted the seed it is now up to God to water it or not I guess. I don't have all the answers and I like it that way. If one truly had the faith of a child they would not need the absolute answer to everything but simply put it at the Lord's feet and know all will be well. I simply don't see God, Jesus & Holy Spirit the way traditionalist necessarily do. God is not some white dude sitting on a throne waiting and watching to see us mess up and throw arrows at us. If God is our Father then how could He? How could I have more compassion than God? I couldn't therefore when I go home in the end I know all will be forgiven, it already has. Christ did that work upon the Cross for me.

    That is my answer that I think you can understand from your Christian point of view. My answer to someone who sees spirituality in a non traditional biblical sort of way would be quite different and to be honest I do not think there are too many folks on this board who could wrap their heads around that answer so I am not even going to go there.

    You might not see that there could be 2 answers that sound like they would be opposed to each other though they are not opposed at all. I think almost everybody (churches, cults, etc...) put God in a little box when God (who has no gender but simply is God) is so very much bigger than what they think.

    As for living forever on Earth? I don't recall a scripture that specifically says that. Why would one want to? Do you not understand how very vast the universe is? Don't you want to see some of that? Maybe we will travel in our soul body? who knows? guess we will all find out at some point or not.

    If being dead is dead, not being conscious then none of this matters anyway does it? Now, if we get to go on and continue to learn and live things we cannot even imagine then.... "wow, wow, oh wow" as Steve Jobs said as he was dying.

  • TonusOH

    I suppose I would find life tedious if I was to spend an eternity in the world as it exists today. But if there were always new worlds to explore, and new things to discover and learn? I could enjoy life quite a long time under those circumstances. I have no idea when I might grow tired of it.

    It's boredom (and the energy drain of old age) that makes eternal life seem unpalatable. Could we avoid running out of excitement over a long enough timeline? I guess not. I could stand to do with more than the 70, 80, or 90 years I am likely to exist when all is said and done. But, as pete said, once it's over you won't be around to worry about it. So I'd rather enjoy the time that I have and not worry about the eternity to follow without me.

  • BluesBrother

    As best I. An recall, Jesus never told anyone that they would specifically live forever on Earth. I never could grasp the concept of eternity, everything has a beginning and an end , even planets and stars...

    It is hard to kick the ideas completely out of my mind , living as I do so closely with dubs for whom such things are part of every day conversation. But do I believe it? No .

  • Vanderhoven7

    Good news! Heaven will come down to earth once the earth is ready and death will be a thing of the past. Since knowledge is limitless, we will always have something to learn and bless others with. Exciting times ahead. Keep your lamps burning with Holy Ghost fire until then.


  • LV101

    I'll hope and grab on to any 'hopium,' promises, forever&ever,amens for more time realizing how Krazy/negative the world is. Brutal knowing we have to check out at some point and hope not soon. Doubt I'd ever run out of things I want to do and see, and I don't have time for everything I must do much less what I'm dying to do. I'm a skeptic and it's brutal to face this is all the time we might be lucky enough to grab onto when we enter the winter of our lives.😢 Time is a thief!!

    Carla -- I, too, click on to some posts when I catch them on here (Sea B, Vanden and others) by those discussing/quoting scriptures.If this is all there is -- and I'm grateful for the limited phase - proves reality tough to deal with. Guess we better 'catch it while we can' and do what we desire because daylight is burnin'.

    Sea B -- I was reading your post early AM and not sure I understand the Greek of it but I'll ask you later. 'Tis the season of delirium' (I ❤️ Christmas, the weather, the food, music, decor, magic -- hooked on magic) and too much to accomplish right now.

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