Jehovah's Witnesses: Why some persecuted faiths grab consistent headlines and others don't

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  • Tahoe
  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    But then I dropped the issue, despite the efforts of Jehovah's Witnesses’ public relations people to keep me focused on it.

    Interesting. Apparently JW representatives actively approach media to get and keep their struggles in Russia in the spot light of attention.

    Telling the people how persecuted they are. Trying to gain sympathy with the people and maybe governments.

    I guess they prefer that over being in the media for child abuse issues.

    For one thing is sure: JW don't give a rat's ass about freedom of religion, as long as they aren't restricted themselves. And even then they will pretend they're the only ones to be persecuted.

  • Vidiot

    I've said this before, but...

    ...going around poking people in the eye with a stick and then whining when you get a beatdown for it doesn't make you a martyr.

    It just makes you an asshole.

  • eyeuse2badub

    Jw's are the proverbial "small pimple on the big ass" of religions! They're there, they're irritating, but they're not that noticeable!

    just saying!

  • steve2

    What an oddly framed article! What does the journalist propose - regular updates on the general media?

    Hell, lots of ongoing problems and issues are not regularly updated on the general media. Besides, I have yet to read anything of substance on other groups under Russian scrutiny. I understand that they have clamped down on Mormons and Pentecostals. So fat, very, very little on these relatively bigger groups.

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