What the GB/Lawyers Should Be Worrying About

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    Perhaps this was touched on in another thread so I apologize if it was ( I don't get to read all of the posts on here all the time)

    Who leaked that October letter that was read about the midweek meeting restructuring and reduction in magazines?

    It only could've been someone fairly high up in the organization or someone in the IT department that converted it to PDF format, or someone from a branch that is in charge of digital correspondence, translation, etc.

    Since all letters from the org are distributed here in the U.S. in digital format only the pool of individuals who saw that letter is small. In the past letters could be leaked by someone in the printing dept. typesetting, job press, etc. but not anymore.

    They really must be wondering who it was, I know I am.

  • Simon

    Once something is digital, it's difficult to control distribution (although it can be done with DRM type schemes). Conversion to PDF can be done at any step and doesn't need IT involvement.

    There are also likely to be numerous secretary / office support roles that can see and access things but it doesn't have to be a "double-agent JW", just someone just has to have access to it - it could be a relative of someone accessing their email for instance or some compromised account.

    It would also be very easy to identify and track down leaks - you just send versions with slight variations to different channels and gradually track things down that way.


    All true but I'd say that it must have happened somewhere when it converted to digital format. I would assume that the GB and their minions tried to keep this under wraps and so used some security, wouldn't you think?

    Prior to that its possible that one of the GB's secretaries or helpers could've just done a print to PDF which as you stated is easy to do. I guess the point of my question was are there many bethelites, ones who have easy access to these types of sensitive material, who are in a "crisis of conscience" state if mind? How wide spread is this problem at HQ I wonder.

  • Simon

    I think we probably assume they try to keep things under wraps more than they actually do and some make way more of such 'leaks' than they really warrant. It's a religious group, not the CIA.

    We're talking about a letter that is going to be read out to people anyway as a public announcement. All that changes is that a few people who are reading apostate sites get to read it a bit earlier ... they probably don't really care as people already reading from other sources are 'out' anyway in their eyes.

  • sir82

    Exactly my thoughts at the time of the leak.

    Remember back to their near-hysterical paranoia over who had the "right" to even see the 2010 revised elders manual, in case an elder wanted it spiral-bound?

    These guys are absolutely nuts about confidentiality.

    The info about restructuring meetings and reducing (yet again) the content of the magazines was a medium-level bombshell. They should have had extremely tight security measures to keep anyone other than the very upper echelon from even knowing of the letter....yet it was leaked over a week in advance.

    I believe there is a high level mole at Bethel. Not GB or "helper" level, but maybe a rung or 2 down from that.

  • jookbeard
    I took a lot of pleasure the following morning informing 2 ladies on the cart near where I live about the new arrangements, they looked at me like I was insane
  • the girl next door
    the girl next door
    To hear Watchtower lawyers in court desperately blathering on about the breeches of their private "copyrighted" correspondences made available to the public by internal saboteurs, you would think they are the Pentagon.
  • GrownMidget
    I took a lot of pleasure the following morning informing 2 ladies on the cart near where I live about the new arrangements, they looked at me like I was insane

    I remember one time, while I was still in, after the meeting I said that I feel there is a mole. Years later coming online and then realize that I was right was a weird feeling.

  • GrreatTeacher

    Live in an island in a flood zone that gets hurricanes fairly often. We have had our disaster routine ready for years.

    Grab passports, purse with medication, file with financial info, change of clothes and blankets. Put cat in carrier, pack the car and evacuate. The last hurricane did not have a mandatory evacuation, but it dropped a giant tree on our roof so we had to leave. The plan worked like a charm.

    Help from Watchtower not necessary.

  • GrreatTeacher

    Sorry...the above comment is on the wrong thread. I was aiming for the disaster preparedness thread.

    Now I feel silly.

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