If Abraham had gone to Kingdom of Heaven, why not John the Baptist?

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  • Crazyguy

    Half banana, woo woo woo, you need to slow down there big guy. Your giving us those that have studied ancient religion a bad name. The story of Horus you site really has no merit. Yes he was born of an miracle birth but many of the other things you state haven't been proven true. Osiris is much closer to the character Jesus in likeness then Horus. Hezzekia is not the oldest known Judean king, I believe there proof of his father and possible more I'll have to go check again. You are correct that that there is no evidence of David or Solomon etc.

    we just have to be careful what we say and post if just one thing is out of place they'll dismiss your whole statement even if most of it is true.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Crazy Guy, the Osiris story is so complex that it is not worth unravelling the mythology to answer a question here. The characters also morph into other characters and become yet others under different circumstances. Horus is one big shape-shifter. Where Horus, as the friend of the dead, raised "Our friend Osiris (his father), Jesus says "Our friend Lazarus" [ is raised]. Lazarus translates El Osiris. Read Gerald Massey on the subject.

    Most of the Bible is borrowed holy magic!

    When you look it up on the internet, Christians naturally are determined not to see such comparisons and have responded with an outrightly dismissive stance which can dominate the information on the subject.

    All doctrines and beliefs have a pedigree and the Jesus story does not arise for the first time in the Bible. The virgin born, wonder working, saviour god-man with twelve disciples was a stock character of ancient myth and existed before Jesus. For me that alone is enough to dismiss the Christian Jesus as being divine.

  • Crazyguy

    I agree with you that Jesus is a myth. I believe that most of the characteristics of Jesus were taken from the God Serapis, a high bread god which included Osiris, Apis bull, and several Greek gods.

    Horus did fight his father enemy Seth and win he also in some stories takes on the power of Ra after his mom Isis tricks Ra.

    There is a temple in Egypt where they used to celebrate the resurrection of Osiris after three days.

    One of the problems with Gerald Massey is some of the things he wrote can't be confirmed also he was a Druid and an evolutionist so people believe he was trying to turn people away from Christianity.

    Again because I was able to prove some of the things he wrote and were in the documentary Zietgiest wrong, I stayed in the cult of JW for a few more years and haven't been able to get my wife out. Yet at the time Zietgiest came out and we watched it, if it had been more accurate I could of gotten her out too since she was more open minded at the time.

  • Crazyguy

    Back on topic Jesus is said to be the firstborn raised from the dead (this is also said of Osiris) . If this is the case then how could any of those before such as Abraham , Enoch or Lazarus been resurrected to heaven or earth?

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    According to the WTBTS, John died before Jesus was crucified and resurrected; thus, he belonged to the class of prophets who came before Jesus and who were heirs of the Paradise Earth great crowd. Those who were alive at Jesus' resurrection and were saved became Jehovah's faithful heavenly heirs.

    Many Christians believe that because Jesus took upon himself the sins of the world that he had, therefore, the least claim upon the Kingdom of God. Yet because of his sinless nature, he was also the greatest. Thus it was that Jesus was speaking of himself.

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