17 October, 2018 Russia - Kerch College Massacre

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  • Listener

    Sadly an 18 year old Russian male shot and killed 20 people and injured another 70. This occurred last year on the 17th October, 2018. Kim and Mike (Youtubers) reported this today.

    The Russian had been raised by his mother who is a Jehovah's Witness. His ex girlfriend said that he had been subject to bullying because he was seen as different by other school kids and believed the shooting may have been a form of revenge.

    Further information can be found here:


    His mother belonged to the local Jehovah's Witnesses,[27][28][29][30] limited his social activity, searched his pockets and refused to allow him to go to the cinema or use a computer, only allowing the latter when he turned 16.[31][32][30][33] In the days before the attack he stated that he did not believe in the afterlife.[34] On the eve of the attack, according to neighbors, Roslyakov burned a Bible in which he had highlighted verses.[35]
  • smiddy3

    This topic was brought up by Pit123123 who some believe was a troll a couple of days ago ,not suggesting that this event didn`t happen but it was just the way he presented it .

    Maybe Mike & kim can give us a more balanced view.

    Is their a link to Mike & kims utube video available here ?

  • Listener

    Oh, sorry, I didn't realize it was about this incident as I didn't click on any of the links. I appreciate when an OP includes details or a summary of the issue they are raising.

    Here's the link to Mike and Kims Youtube


    There has been very little news coverage of this event but I think the Wikipedia entry has been sourced well.

  • Corney

    This part of the Wikipedia article is very poorly written. It gives the impression that multiple sources were taken into account but in fact it cites mostly third-hand reports based on very few secondary sources. All media reports contradicting the main narrative are ignored.

    I wrote on this issue here: https://www.jehovahs-witness.com/topic/5073857628078080/russian-gunman-raised-jw-family?page=2#/5643711020007424

    Unfortunately, I have almost nothing to add. Journalists have lost interest in this story, and there were no new info, no valuable, informative media reports were published during the last 4 months. Available information is incomplete and inconsistent, often unverified. The official investigation is conducted in secrecy, and even when it will be over the case files won't be released. It is SAD, isn't it?

    Maybe Mike & kim can give us a more balanced view.

    I would also love to hear Johnny the Bethelite. For his balanced view and inside information.

  • Listener

    Thanks Corney for putting a much better perspective to this rather than the Wikipedia article.

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