The problem of being (or wanting be to) an Ex-Muslin

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  • no-zombie

    I just finished reading a long article about the young people wanting to break free of Islam in Australia and the problems they face in leaving their high control religion. The similarities between us and them is quite clear, as is how they woke up. It's worth a read.

  • humbled

    Great to have information, no-zombie.

    I just posted on another thread an article from a Sydney paper on the Saudi funding of radical Islamist preachers in Australia. Needing oil makes politicians soft , complicit —even if Australian Muslims want out?

    l will read in the morning. Late here in Arkansas and l work tomorrow. But l will see what’s up later.

    edit: Started reading , couldn’t stop.

    Many said it was knowing Islam so well that allowed them to look at it critically.
    And they argued that regardless of their reasoning, they should be legally and socially able to opt out of a religion and to be safe from judgement and abuse.

    quote from article... sounds like one of us alright.

  • resolute Bandicoot
    resolute Bandicoot

    It is a long hard road for anybody who wants to leave islam, and there are plenty that would like to, most of them women (no surprises there). This is a very pressing issue for the west today and it has been suggested that the women of islam are the weakest link and the point where maximum pressure needs to be applied to put the brakes on this societal cancer.

    As Humbled said there is an interesting connection between the proliferation of islam and oil money, many years ago there was a deal struck that was the foundation of the petro dollar arrangement (scam). It went something like this, The saudi's said "we will sell oil for US Dollars and buy you goods in return (Cadillacs, armaments, luxury stuff), but you will not touch our religion".

    It is no secret that the house of saud is a major source of funding for mosques all over the world today, not to mention the tsunami of money for anyone willing to prostitue themselves by backing the "islam is a religion of peace" mantra.

  • scratchme1010

    Thanks. There are similarities because high control and demanding groups are not about their doctrine; they are about the insane demands and control, and how it affects their members' behavior. I hope this helps those who still hang up only on what the WT says and teaches, and not on what they do.

  • humbled

    Bump this.

  • jp1692

    A cult is a cult is a cult.

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