JW Religion same as Stock Market/Gambling (Concept)

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  • JakeM2012

    Da Furious, this is a great comparison. If WTBTS was in any other business, lets say financial advisers, or even map making, they would have been broke years ago, because of their history of production of an undependable product.

    My Dad, rest his soul, used to say, "Not to throw good money after bad". To stay in the investment with WTBTS, is not a passive, just wait and see if the stock increases in value, time of waiting. It dearly cost time, money, physically, and emotionally energy as a great dedication to keep the Nazi high marching step that the WTBTS is constantly demanding in their "do more" do more, "do more" organizational attitude.

    I know several older witnesses that have made the comment to me or close friends, that they have too much invested to stop now, because basically, they would lose their families, friends etc. We know the cost.

    It took me awhile to figure this religion out, and I was disadvantaged in my thinking as I was indoctrinated from infancy. However, thankfully, I have my wife, daughter, and myself out of this religion, and we couldn't be happier. We are "investing" in other areas of life. My wife loves her job as a registered nurse (graduated post witness) and is impressed with whom she is working with in the hospital, their morals, their goals, their commitment to the community, how they want to freely serve the community when they retire. It has taken a number of years to see "my investment" start to pay off, especially after loosing sooooo much when I left. I lost everything, but we bent down, and with broken tools, rebuilt, an we are happy with what we have accomplished.

  • Distracted

    I was thinking today about how all those years I was an active witness how I tried to visualize the New Order as a goal worth working for. Try as I might, I still couldn't get in to the vision of it being so wonderful. First they tell us that we will have to go through terrible persecution and a lot of us will be killed but we should be happy that Jehovah won't let his organization completely vanish. Then after everyone else in the world in is destroyed in Armeggedon, the birds will be eating their bodies.

    We will rebuild society and welcome back the resurrrected, but even if one of them was a spouse we couldn't live with them as husband and wife because they will be as angels of heaven, unable to marry or have kids.That means if we died during the GT we wouldn't be able to either. Even though these would be back in human bodies here on earth...doesn't make sense.

    After a thousand years Satan will be let loose and we will have to go through a bunch of that stuff all over again.

    They keep holding on holding out the carrot for us but it is a diseased hateful carrot.


  • LisaRose

    They understand human nature. The more people have invested in a decision or belief, they less likely they are to admit they made a mistake, even to themselves. It's easier to keep hanging on, hoping for a payoff than admit they made a mistake and cut their losses.

  • GrreatTeacher

    Yes, not planning for retirement can be devastating. But, there were plenty of Witnesses who did, who owned their own businesses and it seemed like those were the big shots in the circuits. Money still talks in "Jehovah's Organization."

    Thank goodness my father fully funded his retirement. He did not grow up in the religion or with secure finances, so he had an urgency to provide for himself and my mother in their golden years. When he retired a few years ago, he had just as much income as while he was still working. A really smart guy. He could've done so much more...

    Love you, Daddy!

  • LongHairGal

    Yes, it is a very good analogy. The JW religion is a gamble. Although, I noticed that some there didn't seem to "lose" as much as others did.

    Some people there had it ALL - and expected to have it all again - whereas others had nothing and were waiting for the new system to finally "live". So pathetic.

    I saw definite inequality: the older married women (in some cases twice) grown children, telling some young girl she should wait for the new system to find a "perfect" man.....OR, some well-off older person telling OTHER younger people to pursue poverty!....Usually the person being told this is a young woman and I know this because I was one of those young women once upon a time.

    But, the poverty (which is put forth as a virtue) wasn't for the people preaching it - just some other fool.

    I think, maybe, they were hoping all the young gullible women were going to be drudges doing favors for all these users. They thought you were going to be a stupid little fool, being ever judged while you were being manipulated and following that carrot on a stick.

    Am I GLAD I didn't buy it!!

  • Landy

    The gamble even had a name - it's called Pascal's Wager and states that it makes sense to believe in God as there's everything to gain if he does exist and nothing to lose if he doesn't.

    it does ignore the intellectual dishonesty of that thought process though and also the supposition of the fact that if there is a god he's switched on enough to know how you're thinking!

  • Billy ex Blaze
    Billy ex Blaze
    I disagree with your analogy. Do to past experience I have some conference in the stock market, but zero in the Watchtower. Most funds will recover over . The damage done by the Borg however is not so fast to mend.
  • RichardHaley
    With WTS/JW it is "all and nothing" give your all and get nothing. That is not gambling in my books. There is no possibility of a return.

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