Are older women holding the congregations together (at least in the US)?

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  • sparrowdown

    I don't think the borg gives a crap about older women full stop.

    But I also think the borg is trying to future proof itself by catering to a younger demographic, I mean, they would be fools not to.

  • sir82

    I mean, they would be fools not to.

    LOL - that consideration has never stopped them from moronic action (or non-action) in the past.

  • sparrowdown

    True Sir true.

    But, being morons hasn't stopped them from becoming billionaires, either. People who have made money then need to keep it. Unless of course they have so much money they can afford to be idiots.


    The cult is made of weak women, and even weaker men. That may sound mean, but hear me out..

    Most of us are born-ins, but at some point we had to make a conscious choice to pursue truth, intellectual honesty, ethical and moral truth, ect.

    We had to choose the real life, and walk away from the fairytale. All the perks, the “friends”, business contacts, support, position and possibly power...all gone...if we wanted to be honest.

    Those who stay, beginning with the sycophants of the Rutherford coup, are the weakest of the lot, at least in my opinion. Mentally and emotionally weak.. It sounds mean, but.....

    Now we see the old dying off, with the dregs parked in the Elderly and Infirm section at the conventions. In my KH, the working class 30+ crowd that had to make it in the real world were shit on the most. Zero appointments for the most part. The younger kids of born in Elders, those still living at home, were the new crop of Servants an Elders. Very few non-millenials were appointed, and many 60+ who were more than willing to be servants did not “qualify.”

    Also, we already know that many 40+ are leaving, that leave the millenial crowd who are buying into the cooler, modern JW business model, and those too old to leave. The older men who believed the pre-1995 Generation teaching are dying, leaving behind old, faithful widows who are keen to pick up Jeehoobers tablets and download all the newest songs. They are no different than the widows of Christendom.

    Not to be dismissed in the effort to see the big picture of religious decline, is the fact that many “worldly” women are dating older men, all because millennial boys are spoiled brats who can’t hold a job. Say what you will, but millions of years of evolutionary desire for stability and a real man, cannot be stamped out by our technological advances. As a result, people like me leave the cult and date younger women, leaving behind an ex cult member who loves the GB, and will become an example of courage in the cult. Will the widows marry again? Maybe, but they have to choose from the ever weakening pool of candidates.

    My pagan girl is an ex-Pentecostal, and she’s never going back to her cult either. Her mother is a die-hard born-in, holding down the fort, just like JW widows. This situation of older women being plank holders is not just in JWism, neither is the exodus of young people.

    The only growth in my area of the USA, is in modern, hip Churches with bands and who do real charity. The kids won’t wast their time with anything else.

    So JWism is losing its prime alphas, and keeping its older females who cannot repopulate the species. JWism’s only hope is to cut back spending and rebrand into something completely unrecognizable. They can’t rely on 3rd World growth. That cake won’t bake...


    Edit: The term “real man” means that you work hard, take opportunities for advancement, grow a beard, and refuse to tolerate pedophiles...

  • sparrowdown

    I agree DD the only way forward for JWland is to become something other than what it is now.

  • joe134cd

    I think we would all agree that the religion that we grew up in is quickly dissapearing. Just what it will turn into and how far it will go is the question. It has to change if it is to carry onto the next generation. I think it needs to have members who believe it enough to part with their money. For the forty years that I was involved in the religion I found it to be a death spot. Anything that was fun or individual was quickly crushed. I mentioned in a post that wt could do so much for team building with very little out lay. How unscriptural would it be to provide a cup of tea after the meeting. Some of those old dears would enjoy that. As soon as the meeting was over I couldn't wait to get home so I didn't miss my tv program. Why? Because other than obligation there was nothing to keep me there. I'm just glad I'm out of it. Wt if you end up reading this "change before you are forced to".

  • smiddy3

    How many times does the J.W.religion have to "Cry Wolf" before the average Jehovah`s Witness wakes up ?

    Are the younger women in the religion of J.W.`s today any more enlightened than their older counter parts ?

    I don`t think so .

  • dozy

    Middle aged & older woman have always been very much the "mainstay" of the congregations and the biggest demographic by far.

    But I guess that is true of most religions and churches. I sometimes sit and watch the people going in or out of the church near me and most of the attendees are older women.

  • LongHairGal


    As others have pointed out, it probably is older women who are the “mainstays” of religions in general.

    In my case I’m glad I’m long gone from the Witness religion. I guess because I worked full time and wasn’t born-in, I NEVER felt camaraderie with any women there. They can take their gossip and shove it. Also, these older women (and women of all ages, frankly) would be targeted to do favors by all the users.

    I’d never tolerate any of this garbage and the constant asking for money.


    I like and agree with your whole post. That’s the unfortunate reality in the JW religion.

  • Spiral

    Data-Dog, I agree with you. It's the sad, mean truth of this religion. If anyone stays with an organization that gives back so little, then you are indeed weak. is a just a parasite, and if you're too lazy to rid yourself of a parasite, well?

    I'm curious about what you said about your KH not appointing anyone in the 30+ group, skipping them over for younger more socially connected guys. I've seen that here too. So why stay? Nothing for you here. Again, mental lethargy at play.

    So JWism is losing its prime alphas, and keeping its older females who cannot repopulate the species. JWism’s only hope is to cut back spending and rebrand into something completely unrecognizable. They can’t rely on 3rd World growth. That cake won’t bake...


    LongHairGal: You can't be a thinking person and have camaraderie with those types. That brings back some memories.

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