My new answer to an annoying question we have all been asked.

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  • doubtfull1799

    That is not to say they were capable of good reasoning in general. They continued to minimise other issues I brought up or wouldn't simply say "they were not going to debate with me" when they felt they could not bring good evidence or arguments to the discussion.

  • Vanderhoven7

    Excellent OP

  • Pubsinger

    How incredibly stupid.

    Virtually every denomination going could take the 3 criteria that they present and provide 'evidence' of Holy Spirit, Angelic Direction and Adherence to Scripture, if they were of a mind to. It's just that only WT are arrogant enough to do so.

  • venus

    doubtfull1799, I never thought two witness clause could be applied to GB claim. Very good!

  • venus

    GBs claim actually does not make them unique; in fact this is what rest of the religions do. The one thing they have in common is a super-naturalistic appeal—here in this case direct appointment from Master. When they find something appealing in Science, they will pick up that also, means very often scientific ideas are stolen from their contexts and built into supernatural ideas, claiming the latter as scientific fact (from quantum mysticism to magnetic therapy, homeopathy, phrenology and so on--all ideas that borrow their credibility from the legitimacy of scientific language). They have been very successful at appealing to popular memes in society, usurping them in order to gain a presence.

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