Only one weekly meeting?

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  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    Well, they’ve always held the Sunday speaker to be the only ‘public’ meeting, the Watchtower study isn’t considered part of that ‘public’ meeting. Wouldn’t surprise me if they started adding a 15 minute break to allow “others” to leave and make the Watchtower study private and combine it with the “service meeting”.

    Having an hour long Watchtower study on a simplistic topic question and read the answer has always been very boring and drawn out and simplifying the language last decade hasn’t helped.

    A 30/15 break/30/15 minute meeting schedule would still be shorter than the 2+ hours we grew up with, then followed by an almost mandatory Saturday or Sunday “going out in service at least 60 minutes after the service meeting” isn’t outside the realm of possibilities - all your minimum responsibilities as a JW fall into a 4 hour slot every Saturday or Sunday morning/afternoon/evening which is on par with many other churches in the US (you typically don’t go out in service, but many do events/outreach/charity after church).

    That schedule can cram up to 8 congregations per building with no heating costs every day of the week, forbid the elders from using the hall for their own damned meetings, as they already told them to pull back critical documents from the building and minimize the library, there is literally no reason except perhaps a CO visit or pioneer school to use the hall during the week.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    I could see the WT Society going to a single meeting per week, probably 2 hours in length just like we used to do.

    This could be Saturday morning/afternoon/evening, Sunday likewise. Or they may allow congregations to choose their own day and time. As for the public, when did any walk into a KH? Any 'private' notifications could be circulated on the Congregation Gossip What'sApp site.

    One KH could serve for plenty of congregations depending on travelling distances.

    My only question is how do the WT Society benefit from this? Other than the sale of a few KH's which is a one time sale of appreciating assets.


  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    @St George: Upkeep is a really expensive part of owning a building. Less upkeep such as heating/cooling/water/maintenance is more money that gets sent to the branch, less buildings, means more density, even if you lose a little bit of donations per congregation, doubling or tripling the number of congregations per building means a bigger revenue per building.

    Then there is also the psychological effect of having a lot more traffic at a building vs having a few cars pull in and out at night makes the building look a lot more popular than it actually is. Becoming a mega-church every weekend will make some people ooh and aah.

    I think they know they’re at rope’s end with expansion, now it’s just a matter of improving efficiency of what they have so they can stretch it as long as possible.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    The 15 minute break was to go to the candy store next door. If course that was when we had a hodge podge of self built and repurposeded halls, nowthey are remote from added attractions.

    To keep people in they need reasonable attire standards and a few social events. And no droning meetings; WT could be 15 minutes, Sunday sermon 15 minutes. Announcements could be put on JW Publisher where they belong to start with. I think tge "safety" meeting for toilet scrubbing takes 15 minutes, and wear a reflective vest and hard hat.

    Add internal ministry instead of policing

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