Anyone know the significance of the three days and nights Jesus is dead?

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  • Crazyguy

    The three days the Sun is dead during the winter solstice is very plausible and thanks for all your other ideas. Also like I mentioned the moon is out of sight three days per month too. What’s interesting is that in early religions ideas neither the son god or moon god is the one that dies. The only exception is Osiris in his later mythology and possibly Mithras but there not much in any writings about him going back to Persia where he was originally invented and worshiped.

    Some say Horus also a sun god was dead three days after being killed by Set but again no verifiable sources.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    @WTWizard, I agree with you about the perception of the Sun 'dying' at the winter solstice but it is the son of the sun god who dies on the 'cross' at the spring equinox. In the Mithraic cult at least four hundred years before Jesus, the saviour Mithra (or Mithras in the Latin tongue) was crucified at Easter because that was the time of "the cross" i.e when the sun appears to cross the equator relative to the plane of the earth's travel around the sun (the ecliptic) on its journey northwards, which culminates in high summer for the northern hemisphere. It is the earth always being at an angle of 23.5 degrees from the vertical in its solar orbit that gives us the seasonal variations. The calendar of the ancients was marked by the birth, rising strength and decline of the sun which in turn was relative to its sunrise and sunset locations on the local horizon.

    I will be studying the groundwork for some of these things starting in two weeks time in the context of the British Neolithic on a course at Oxford University.

  • Rattigan350

    IT was not 3.5 days. It was from Friday evening Nisan 14 to Sunday morning Nisan 16.

    Because he died on Passover and was raised on Nisan 16 which was the festival of unfermented cakes.

  • snakeface

    The number 3 in the Bible symbolizes divine perfection and completeness. So Jesus was completely dead. It could not be disputed. The darkness in Egypt form the 9th plague was 3 days so they'd know they were judged completely by God.

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