Jim Pipkorn is dead.

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  • new boy
    new boy

    Maybe someone else here may have known him.

    He had been in poor health for quite awhile, with a bad heart. I was trying to call him for over a week with no response.

    Last Sunday night I had a dream about him. I have never dreamt about Jim ever before. As he came to me I said "You have made your transition! Yes." he said. "Wow" I said "They let you come back this soon?" He didn't say anything. Then he said "They sold my trailer.".....crazy.

    The next morning I knew he was gone. I called the trailer park where he was living and they confirmed his death.

    He was a strange and wonderful person. Crazy in many respects.

    He died alone in a small trailer in Sierra Vista Arizona. No funeral and no friends. I was one of his few friends and I wasn't a very good one at that. I lived in Arizona for 4 years and never went to see he even once.

    He was one of the first people I met at bethel, the first day I got there.

    As chance would have it, we ended up working in the bethel laundry together.

    He is mentioned many times in my "new boy" stories of bethel.

    He hadn't been to a JW meeting in over 35 years.

    He was one of these sad people who couldn't live as a Jehovah's Witness yet couldn't make the break away from the angry god Jehovah.

    Like many out there he created his own religion were he believed in Jehovah but just not his organization.

    RIP Jim

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    So sorry for your loss new boy.

    The law of averages... A few weeks ago, out of no where, I dreamt that an old acquaintance had died and I was at the funeral home comforting her 2 sons and grandchildren. There is a poster here who knows her and goes to the same Hall. He assured me in a private message recently, that she is alive and well.

    I don't doubt your OP at all. I have heard of similar stories as yours, happening, as in close friends, loved ones, being visited after death to say good bye.

    How do you feel about it?

  • steve2

    so sorry to hear the news. Yes there are so many people who cannot live in the organisation and cannot live without it in one form or another either, still believing this or that JW teaching. ❤️

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