NWT from Greek/Hebrew to other languages?

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  • Counter-Watchtower

    Does JW Org claim to have translated the NWT into other languages from Greek/Hebrew? Or do they not even say? Because if they did claim that they would have to have Biblical scholars in Biblical Greek/Hebrew from every language, that would be a ton of ppl! And take a lot of time!

    Now I know from reading the English NWT that it was probably a few different english translation they used and modified words with a Strong Concordance like book. And Im sure thats what they did with the other languages...

  • sir82

    At the 2013 meeting when they introduced the revised NWT, I think they indicated that the English RNWT would be the basis for translating into other languages.

    They may have hinted that on occasion, for a "tricky passage", they might go back to the original language, but the main idea was that for all practical purposes, the English RNWT would serve as THE master text.

  • OnTheWayOut

    They may have claimed some such BS as going back to the original language for "tricky passages" but that's all B.S..

    All versions of the NWT in languages outside of English came from English.

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