Relatives of those who have lost their lives putting faith of life or death in a religion that is neither Inspired nor Infallible.

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  • smiddy

    With the admission of the Governing Body that they are neither inspired nor infallible , I am curious to know how many of you people from all around the world know of somebody ,a relative or friend , who lost their life because of following the dictates of a Religion that now says they are neither inspired nor infallible.,that they now admit they make mistakes.

    How many people have needlesly died having followed the Jehovahs Witness religions policys regarding not getting your child vaccinated against diseases ,which was the case years ago, not having organ transplants as that was considered cannilbalismm years ago ,and since the mid 1940`s the ban on Jehovahs Witnesses having blood transfusions.

    Yet somehow today you can have fractions of blood donated by non JW`s who are designated as people to be destroyed at armageddon because they follow Satans system of things,

    Blood that is donated by these people ,stored in a laboratory , and processed into fractions by laboratory staff and given to Jehovahs witnesses with their consent.with no consequences to them for doing so.

    Blood is not poured out on the ground and not used for any purpose as their Bible the NWT dictates.or any other Bible for that matter.

  • scratchme1010

    I haven't lost any loved ones to their nonsense in the sense that they are all alive. My little sister was very sick when she was born and there was a battle over the blood thing in my family, but turned out that she didn't need it.

  • notsurewheretogo

    Isn't it a case though of how many are willing to die even though the GB admit they can be wrong? I've spoken to my still-in wife about various possibilities with our children and she just buries her head in the sand.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    My Non JW Father was due to retire in a few months. Although he was young looking and vibrant, he found out he needed a heart bypass operation. He had studied with the JW's and attended meetings and all he knew about blood transfusion was what he learned on his study.

    His doctor assured him that blood wouldn't be an issue so even though he didn't fully understand why blood transfusion was wrong, at the recommendation of the elders and his JW family, he signed the no blood paperwork just in case.

    His surgery went well and he was recovering well then suddenly, he began to get weak and was coming in an out of consciousness. They discovered that one of the grafted arteries was leaking and his blood count was dangerously low and they'd need to do a transfusion or give him fractions to build it up enough for him to survive the repair work.

    He was not lucid enough to resend the no-blood paperwork so all they could do for him was use the standard measures to expand and to build the blood up. The attending nurse was a JW and she came to us quietly and said there's no way she'd ever refuse blood if she wasn't a JW. She wondered why our Father was doing this if he wasn't baptized. She said, "you need the red blood cells and the oxygen they deliver....despite what the society say's, there's no way to get around this". There's no way I would do this if I were him.

    A short time later, we were all in his room sitting around his bed and talking to him as he came in and out of consciousness. He was hooked up to monitors and I V drips etc when suddenly he bolted upright and scrambled down to the end of the bed toward us. He grabbed my sister around the neck and roared in pain then dropped dead while my sister and us tried to hold him up and get the tubes and monitors untangled.

    The medical staff came rushing in and shoved us all out of the room. On the way out the door, looked back to see them tear open my fathers wound and start pumping his heart by hand. My sister was in hysterics and my kids were frightened.

    Unfortunately Dad didn't make it. There was nothing they could do without blood. About 2 years later they made the ruling that it was OK to use blood fractions. The blood fractions would have been enough to extend his blood and give them a fighting chance to go in and re-attach the artery that was leaking. Not only that, I'm sure my father would have seen the ridiculousness in this ruling and would have looked into this issue more.

    To top it off, the elders arrived and told us how we'd soon be seeing Dad in the new system since he died upholding Jehovah's laws. We asked if we could hold his memorial at the Kingdom Hall but they denied our request because he wasn't baptized. I said " So you say Jehovah's most assuredly going to resurrect him in the New System, but in this System of things, even though he died upholding this JW no blood ruling, his JW family isn't allowed to hold his memorial in the Kingdom Hall because he's not baptized?" They all looked down at their shoes in shame at the ridiculousness of this policy.

    Thank you Watchtower for killing our kind and wonderful Father. A man who was more honest and decent than most of you are, and who didn't deserve to die so soon and in this most horrific way. He didn't get to enjoy his retirement that he worked for, didn't get to see my younger sister grow up or know any of his know his 5 grandchildren thanks to your inspired yet always changing directives.

  • Crazyguy

    And let's not forget how even more ridiculous thier teachings are when they also said one can use Cows Blood! Crazy just fucking crazy!!!!!!!

  • eyeuse2badub

    The oldest son of one of my very best jw friend's died needing a blood transfusion to give him a fighting chance in his battle with a blood disease.

    Then the "new lite" regarding blood fractions was handed down by 'god's channel of communication'. The boy could probably have made it with the fractions but too little too late for him. Years later my grief stricken friend took his own life because he never got over the bullsh*t ruling from the gb!

    I find it extremely hypocritical also that jw's can 'donate' blood by having blood drawn for medical testing to determine certain medical conditions. So we can't take blood to save us from a known medical condition and thereby extend our life, but we can donate our blood to have it tested, inspected, homogenized, and pasteurized to determine if we have a disease that can shorten our life.

    Every time my 'still in' jw wife goes to have a 'blood test', I remind her that she is actually donating blood and has no idea what happens to that "sacred" blood once she leave the lab. So far she hasn't commented.

    just saying!

  • Finkelstein

    My mother died for not taking a Blood Transfusion.

    I've known a half dozen JWS who have committed suicide, mostly teenagers.

    To add to these thousands of needless deaths, the WTS has broken apart millions of families due its shunning segregation policy toward ones who left it for through their own personal reasons.

  • Heaven

    My cousin died as the result of a very bad car accident and refusing a needed blood transfusion. She left behind 3 children and her husband.

    My family has been damaged thanks to the mean spirited nature of the 'kick your unbelieving family to the curb' ideal this religion holds.

  • TheWonderofYou

    I didnt know the person that died young personally. But I know its name and I know its fate.

    Each time I visit the grave of my grandma I'm reminded that this person who died young was a JW. At first glance this rather unusual gravestone always comes in my viewing angle. The inscript on the gravestone reads "Jehovah is my sheperd".

    This person was one of those so-called "RARE CASES" where a fullblood-transfusion would have been the only sole possibility to saved a life.

    The young person refused a transfusion regardless of the consequences being fully aware of the riscs and was buried here far away from its town in a remote village, where it did an apprenticeship and everyone in the village knows the story.

    The grave looks always unkempt and was constructed as cheap as possible, never I see flowers, what I notice because it is surrounded of those expensive elegant polished "marble" graves that mostly beautiful decorated. Has this person been forgotten of the congregation. Imagine this fate, it sacrifed its life for jehovah and then nobody visits the grave because they are too busy in the preaching work or the congregation has not enough money to afford a regular gardening service for the grave of an " faithful heroe" of faith, what a fine testimony for Jehovah. Obviously the family is too poor too cause every cent goes to Warwick.

    But once a year I pass by thinking about that Jehovah, that once ruled my life and who the person was in its life. The master where it did the apprenticeship loved the person very much, wrote the papers.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    When you say "

    a religion that is neither Inspired nor Infallible"

    That's ALL OF THEM, isn't it?

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