Didn't G. Jackson tell the ARC that JW's don't smack their kids?

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    i forget which bible verse exactly, but I do remember reading

    " the letter if the law is death and the spirit of the law is life."


  • stuckinarut2

    I'd like to smack G Jackson!

  • jwleaks

    In Australia there is a class action litigation funder that is advertising towards "ARC" related religious forum posts with the words 'children' or 'kids'. There is a big push in Australia among law firms for child abuse cases involving the two main offenders, the Catholic Church and Jehovah's Witnesses. This forum discussion meets the advertising criteria (see screenshot below). If it can be established in an Australian court of law that JWs engaged in corporal punishment of their children under instruction from the Watchtower then a potential class action can be formed on behalf of child abuse victims - as the corporal punishment constitutes a form of religious child abuse and not parental. This is what the questioning of Geoffrey Jackson was about.


  • Listener

    JW Leaks, I wonder if there are some talk outlines from the past that have encouraged corporal punishment?

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