The watchtower does not have the resources part two

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  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    I'm also thinking KHs that have the most potential for future child molestation lawsuits will be on the early auction block. I would watch these KHs that already cost the WT in the way of lawsuits they no doubt will be up for sale in the near future.

  • MrRoboto

    Well, combine the factors mentioned above with what appears to be a stealth culling of those who have the least to lose while simultaneously being the easiest to be woken up, and I think you have the makings for a leaner and meaner cult with only the most devout members who will no doubt provide plenty of funding for the retirement of the Seven Kings on Kings Dr.

    *I say culling but it's more like they are intentionally trying to wake up people who are able to be woken up so that they can leave while leaving only the most loyal (or truely stuck) left. Have you seen their weird vids and bold faced lies? I wouldn't be surprised if they set up apostate sites just to help weed out the less loyal folk.

  • Confusedalot

    They always attributed the expansion to the action of Jehovah's spirit and his blessing. So what now?

    I remember taking part in the building of a 10000m2 architectural marvel to be used as a district assembly hall, it even has under seat air conditioning. I remember thinking if this is really what Jehovah's spirit wants.

  • pontoon

    With these elaborate over the top assembly halls it's a case of brothers in the upper end of Watchtower corp management living life through their alter-egos. They see themselves as big deal real estate, developer, construction tycoons with millions under their control. One of those guys once told me in the commercial world he would be earning 7 figures. Not considering in the real world there is doggy dog competition, money has to be earned and a project has to meet criteria to be a valid project. In Watchtower land money is free and abudant, the main consideration has to be if there is enough circuits in the area of a potential new assembly hall to drop about $15,000 in the boxes each week. Money has no more value than monopoly money. Watchtower corp is passing GO every day as assembly halls and congregations credit the corporate accounts.

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