Starlight in a Young Universe

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  • Perry
    Implicit controversies such dinosaurs and men in a pre-deluge world - you have to really like to stack up houses of cards.


    There is only a "controversy" with those that won't accept facts. The existence of young dinosaur soft tissue, blood cells, DNA etc. is well documented.

    Finding dinosaur DNA is as unthinkable to an evolutionist as finding a flat earth would be to a geographer. This is because DNA decays far too quickly to last millions of years. Thus, a recent report of possible dinosaur DNA promises to meet resistance from secular scientists. But combined with new DNA decay data, it builds a strong argument against evolutionary time.

    Fossil experts have studied original dinosaur tissues and biochemicals for a long time. When tyrannosaur and hadrosaur bones from Montana were viewed under a microscope, they were found to harbor fresh-looking bone cells called osteocytes. Researchers even verified original—not mineralized—dinosaur proteins called collagen and elastin in 2009.1

    The new report in the journal Bone identified vertebrate-specific proteins named actin and PHEX. It also described DNA in the dinosaur cells.2

    Many secular scientists have sought to resolve the dilemma of fast-decaying biochemicals found deep within fossils by asserting that bacteria produced them after creeping into the bone sometime after the creatures were catastrophically buried. One way to help disprove the bacteria idea is to find exclusively animal proteins.

    The researchers did just that. They also applied two different DNA-sensitive stains to the osteocytes. Both stains visualized DNA in a central location inside the long-dead dinosaur cells—where the cell’s nucleus should be.

    They also applied an antibody that binds to a DNA-packaging protein called histone H4; bacteria do not have histone H4, but vertebrates do. The antibody bound its target, identifying yet another kind of original vertebrate protein. And the histone was sitting in the same nucleus-like central region within the cells. The stains and antibody did not bind other parts of the cell, nor the sediment that surrounded the dinosaur fossils. In short, this study strongly supported the presence of original dinosaur proteins and DNA.

    The dinosaur cells certainly contain DNA, and it sits right where one would expect if it were original dinosaur DNA. Without sequencing the DNA, it is difficult to be absolutely sure. However, scientists have reported ancient DNA from various fossils, including dinosaur bone.3

    If it is dinosaur DNA, then it cannot be millions of years old because of the results of a separate study. Scientists examined 158 ancient leg bones from the extinct giant moa bird that lived on New Zealand’s South Island. The study authors generated a DNA decay rate with unprecedented rigor.4

    The moa research team measured the half-life of DNA to be 521 years under average local temperatures.5 After this time, only half of the amount of DNA present when the animal died should remain. And after another 521 years, only half of that remains, and so on until none is left. At this rate, DNA molecules in bone break down after only 10,000 years into tiny chemical segments too short for modern technology to sequence. And this result assumes preservation factors that optimize biochemical longevity.

    DNA could not last half a million years, but paleontologists describe DNA in samples designated millions of years old. Ditching the millions-of-years dogma would resolve this dilemma. The clearly detected dinosaur proteins and what looks like dinosaur DNA make sense if the earth layers that contain them were deposited by Noah’s Flood only thousands of years ago.


  • cofty
    we will never surpass the mind of God, or approach his equal - Perry

    The character you call god is a moral monster. He is beneath contempt.

    The book you worship is full of errors, contradictions and absurdities.

    You have never read a real science book in your entire life and you are proud of that fact.

    Fundie christians, mormons, JWs and muslims make a virtue out of willful ignorance. The more you pretend to be different the more you are the same.

  • prologos

    Perry: "one day with the Lord is as a thousand years. and the reverse. and . "--with him there is no turning of the shadow--" in other words the creator does not move through time as we do. with 50 000 verses in the bible there is a high probability that there are some lucky hits.

    about time" acceleration also effects how movement through time is perceived by the observer, and the article does not mention how "inflation" in the early universe would appear to us. I was referring to the classic Gen. 1:1, not chapter 4 and remember, the bible does not contradict itself, right??

    Bsw: The universal expansion is accelerating, so according to Humphreys' theory and "gravity = acceleration," the universe would be even older than it looks to us, not just 6 days.

  • juandefiero

    I just had an epiphany.

    The Nephilim in the bible are actually reptilians!

    Dinosaurs (sons of the true God) mated with women, and those women gave birth to reptilians!

    Where's my proof? I don't need any proof. My post is inspired by Holy Spirit. I challenge you to prove otherwise.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot
    As you must be well aware of Perry there is Young Earth Creationism, Old Earth Creationism and Theistic Evolution as "theories" amongst believers (including evangelical Christians). It would be interesting to watch a debate amongst Creationists.
  • Finkelstein
    Perry 4 hours ago
    The Scientific Method begins with a faith statement called a hypothesis

    Nice try Perry another ploy of intellectual dishonesty

    The reason creationists have to be intellectually dishonest is not a hypothesis its an observable conclusion.

    Faith has no evidence to start from its composed of nothing but hearsay

    a supposition or proposed explanation made on the basis of limited evidence as a starting point for further investigation.
  • Clambake

    Hey Cofty

    See how annoying it is when people pretend to be scientists. I hope he ends up doing an entire series on the subject.

  • cofty
    I hope he ends up doing an entire series on the subject - Clambake

    So do I. It's not annoying at all. The more Perry writes the more his ignorance shows.

    Notice that all my posts are in my own words because I actually understand what I am talking about. All creationists can do is copy-paste and post videos.

  • prologos

    Finkelstein.: The reason creationists have to be intellectually dishonest is not a hypothesis its an observable conclusion

    well, talking about the universe, it certainly can be observed, the question is, did it create itself, it's laws, energy, matter, it's expanding into the future, or was there an unobservable originator.? who is not a published author ?

    Perry's link alleges that the bible's 6-7 days new Earth scenario holds because "c" is variable.

  • Finkelstein

    There is now a mountain of acquired evidence that confirms the age of the earth and of the universe in general, I'm not one who supports that the universe was created out of nothing which some astrophysicists now days assert.

    There is still much to learn and as time progresses mankind will come closer to more of solid confirmation to that puzzling question.

    Perry and young earth creationists pull only selective biased information that supports his personal held beliefs, tossing away or avoiding information that doesn't support his beliefs, hence he practices intellectually dishonesty toward a self assertive biased.

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