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  • stuckinarut2

    I guess this highlights the difference between Education vs Indoctrination.

    The Society itself had an article years back that had a paragraph:

    "Education teaches you how to think, while Propaganda tells you what to think"

    So the Society practices propaganda to its young ones, all while condemning education....

  • smiddy3

    The W.T. / G.B. openly discourage higher education among the rank and file members ( publishers ) however hypocritically they have no qualms about using people who have gained a higher education, Jehovah`s Witnesses who didn`t follow their advice/directions and are now serving in the legal departments of W.T.ORG. to defend them in the Law Courts of the land as they fail to give back Caesars things to Caesar on so many fronts.

  • zeb
  • smiddy3

    I`ll bite what is T W.T.ORG. ,that initial T didn`t originate with me or my post ?

  • sir82

    We've got one of those JW drifters in our congregation.

    He's a smart kid, and talented - can sing and act. Was a "star", at least as much as a JW can be, in high school.

    He's 22 or 23 now. All his high school buddies have graduated from college, starting their lives & careers.

    Him? He went to Bethel for 2 years & then left. He's "pioneering" now, working the odd job and living off his (wealthy) dad's income, driving a "pioneer" car that daddy bought him, living in his parents house, same old room, same old routine. No practical skills at much of anything, and even he he did, he's got no degree.

    He's not the physical type to do construction or hard labor. No "office job" company would even glance at him with no degree.

    He's stuck at home, living off daddy's money, drifting aimlessly, no real goal in life other than "full time service".

    What a waste. He could have done something, even if he remained a JW, by getting some kind of education.

    Dad's not far from retirement. God help him & his future spouse if he ever decides to get married. Once daddy retires and the cash flow stops, and he & the spouse find out how much "no college degree" folks earn, it will be a culture shock of epic proportions.

  • LongHairGal


    Does this pioneer guy’s dad own a business? If he does, then junior doesn’t necessarily need a degree if he’s going to follow in dad’s footsteps.

    That’s the ONLY exception. That and a trust fund baby. Everybody else in TODAY’s world needs a degree or a trade. ...Now, this isn’t to say that he shouldn’t get a degree anyway or at least some education!

    What a stupid trend! Supporting and indulging an adult child - especially a male! Even in the ‘world’, from what I saw this was only in the case of a kid who had mental problems. Not a ‘normal’ child.

    But, if dad doesn’t have a business- it will be as you say - a culture shock of epic proportions for him and other JWs in the same situation.

  • sir82

    Nope, dad is a (highly paid) program manager at a Fortune 500 company. Which company wouldn't hire his son to be so much as a mailroom clerk.

  • FedUpJW

    We've got one of those JW drifters in our congregation.

    I must admit I haven't heard this term...but I LIKE IT! I intend to use it every chance I get!

  • I Faded Twice
    I Faded Twice

    I wonder how many of the bethellites that had college degrees they laid off. Compared to the uneducated ones.


  • purrpurr

    What is this glass smash video? Can someone tell me the gist? So i dont have to watch it or go to the borgs website

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