Palm Coast Facility Shut down

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  • loneranger

    I understand the teaching facility in Palm Coast Florida USA has been shut down now for about three months or so already. This is the facility the WTS purchased from Embrey Riddle Univ. a few years ago. Because it was a school with class rooms and about 200 dorm rooms, the WTS was able to begin to use it after some changes and upgrades about six months after purchasing it.

    The School for Kingdom Evangelizers (SKE) and Circuit Overseers schools were being held there on a usual basis once it opened.

    However, within about a year, some students complained that they were getting sick and having a difficult time breathing. After some investigation, it was found the facility had a substantial mold problem causing any schools in progress to be ended. An extensive tear down and rebuild is now underway. Scores of people are working there now. I understand the schools will not repoen until sometime in 2019.

    You really have to wonder who is in charge of doing the due diligence on these purchases. Mold or contamination or other major environmental issues (Warwick) seem to be missed. Is Jehovah really blessing their efforts or is this His way of saying He doesn't support their work? Anyone working there or have additional details?

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad
    Is Jehovah really blessing their efforts or is this His way of saying He doesn't support their work?

    I would say the latter! Interesting and good find...thanks for sharing loneranger. Not something JWs are going to see posted on newsroom.

  • rebelfighter
  • smiddy3

    I wonder what the current status of the facility is and if their are any legal claims against the WT Society on going ?

  • Gorbatchov

    After some years it will be sold for a lot of $$$$$$$$$.

    Property investment corporation, Inc.


  • careful


    Thanks for this post, and rebelfighter for the old link.

    Does anyone know who is doing the reconstruction, Witness volunteers or a professional company? If the latter, does the company belong to a brother or some worldly group? It would certainly be dangerous work for untrained nonprofessionals.

    It's interesting that they are going ahead with a fix since that will likely cost them some serious money. Of course, the other options like trying to sell it to someone else "as is" would involve them in legal liability, and leaving it "as is" is probably a health hazard and the local government wouldn't want some condemned building just sitting as an eye-sore.

    Yes, their environmental thinking is non-existent. Maybe things like this and the Warwick pollution will wake them up as to the need to check such things out in advance. They certainly are slow learners!

  • stuckinarut2

    Ah, yes...Jehovah must have been asleep or on the toilet at the time of this decision being made!

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Back in the 90's in FL many Hall's that were being built and older Hall's being renovated they used vinyl wall covering for a finish look. Because of the high humidity it cause massive mold problems in many KH's. Lots of time and money was wasted because of no foresight in how vinyl wall covering was not a good idea for construction in FL. Still Totally ADD

  • careful


    Thanks for the background info.

  • HiddenPimo

    I wonder why this hasn't been posted on the JW.BORG latest news section? It is always sunshine and rainbows and nothing bad ever. Their news service is worse than state run TV in North Korea.

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