Charles Manson Is Dead

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  • zeb

    shows how good the food and medical care is in the prison he was in.

  • flipper

    Good riddance to this disgusting piece of puke. May he rot and deteriorate and become worm food .

    Not only did he and his followers kill a pregnant woman and others, he forever tarnished the Beatles song ' Helter Skelter ' by giving it a totally wrong application and definition. The Beatles song ' Helter Skelter ' was a song about a roller coaster ride in England by the same name. Then Manson comes along and applies it to his race war he wanted to start. Kind of reminds me of how WT Society misuses definitions of words to serve their own cults ambitions as well. And WT Society misusing words also costs people their lives. Either wasted lives, people committing suicide, child abuse, or JW's dying due to not getting life saving blood transfusions - WT Society is a cult with cult leaders , just as much as Manson was a cult leader. Both were and are deadly and have destroyed many lives. Sick

  • jookbeard

    I think a good few years on death row followed by the electric chair for him and his followers would have been the best way to deal with him and his followers. I was watching an interview with Susan Atkins who I believed plunged the knife into Sharon Tate and even though she had converted to Christianity in jail had been a model prisoner etc she still seemed to be unable to be truly remorseful for that horrendous act of evil, their subsequent behaviour before and during the trial was almost as sickening, any wonder she was continually refused parole, she died of brain cancer, and an amputated leg in 2002, the other two are greying old ladies and lets hope they die in jail also.

  • Captain Schmideo2
    Captain Schmideo2

    You know, I believe Charles Manson was a scumbag and a pimp and a sociopath, but I have a hard time believing the official LA District Attorney's version of the story: That Manson was some kind of cult leader who used drugs and hypnosis to make an army of blind followers to do his will.
    Could he manipulate his "girls"? Sure! Most pimps are very skilled at that, and apparently, Manson had taken Dale Carnegie's course on "How to Win Friends and Influence People" and twisted it to his line of business.
    I'm sure a low-life like Manson just reveled in the fame he finally got with this trial (he was a frustrated musician, with dreams of becoming big like the Beach Boys and the Beatles), and milked the crazy, demonic image of MANSON for all it was worth. But this whole "we are gonna generate a race war and I'm going to be the new Jesus" sounds like a put up job to me, one that Bugliosi ran with to make sure he could get a conviction for murder against Manson.
    When he was interviewed by Geraldo Rivera (a "journalist" whose career is a running joke) he played up the whole loony cult leader thing for all it was worth. Ain't no bad publicity if it's free publicity.
    The guy with actual blood on his hands in all of this is Charles "Tex" Watson, who is still alive, and still in prison. Hopefully, he goes to his dark slumber after some very painful, lingering disease.

  • mentalclarity

    Interesting article on Charles Manson's use of language and how he preyed on people who felt alienated and disconnected.

  • glenster

    "sounds like a put up job to me"

    Compared to the JWs leaders' blood doctrine or having homosexuals murdered with rocks or believing Jim Jones could be believed despite his beatings and sex offers and etc.? He didn't have to believe his own stuff to get cult followers to do his bidding.

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