RUSSIA (20 June 2017): JW video depicting kingdom hall burnings, raids, and interviews with JWs

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  • jwleaks

    Video published on official JW website:

  • jwleaks
  • zeb

    Translation please.

    It would be distressing to face the raid and the masked Police (?) in that situation. My sympathy to them all. and what is the gb doing for them?

  • Drearyweather

    Thanks jwleaks for the link.

    The photo actually looks as though ISIS has stormed a Kingdom Hall.

    Masked Policemen? Russia is truly going back in time and repeating the events of the Soviet Era.

    While banning religions, the authorities forget that religion is all about beliefs and ideas (whether right or wrong), whereas political ideology and dictatorship is about men. I remember some quotes from V for Vendetta: Men can fail, can be caught, can be killed and forgotten (Like nazis, soviets, Hitler, Mussolini, Gaddafi, etc). However, ideas (and religious beliefs) cannot be kissed, cannot be held, cannot be touched. Ideas do not feel the pain, neither do they bleed. Hence they survive the most difficult of repressions.

    If banning religions worked, we wouldn't have JW's in Germany and in the regions of the former USSR.

  • WingCommander

    Guess they should have heeded the ban, and not been breaking the law? Fuck this cult.


    Lets start a 'spiracy! It was all staged ! I mean......they do these hi-fa-lootin dramas for the assemblies so why could this not be dramatized !

    Just 'conspiricising !

  • JWdaughter

    In those first two pictures with the masked men in the meeting nobody looks very alarmed, nobody looks perturbed, nobody looks remotely distressed-so what's the deal? I don't know!

  • jwleaks

    The below scene was staged by Watchtower:

  • steve2

    I can't quite fathom out the purpose of the replayed scenes in the video of men vandalising the interior of a Kingdom Hall in the dead of night - and staring at the CCTV. They do not look at all like police, but more like common thugs. The video shows these scenes st least 4 different times creating impression thus vandalism of Halls is common. And the video of a large man slithering out of a window - who videod it? It looks staged.

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