Jerry Lewis

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  • glenster

    March 16, 1926 to Aug.20, 2017
    He was too conservative for me about a few things but he was my biological
    mother and you never forget a woman like that.


    That house should be bigger and it could use a bit more red carpet.

  • Finkelstein

    I dont doubt he was a talented actor and comedienne but there is dark side to his character and personality that was also there, one which most people would most likely never expect.

    He was said to be neglectful and abusiveness to some of his children, particularity a boy who eventually went into a deep depression overdosed on drugs and died .

    It may have been that celebrity deserving persona that some of the older actors seem to have had.

    Bing Crosby did the same with some of his kids whom he neglected and abused and they too committed suicide.

    Its strange to see a guy who seemed to have so much compassion for children but so unloving and neglectful to his own but that's the celebrity mindset of specialty that some performers have unfortunately fallen to.

    I still can remember seeing The Nutty Professor at a Drive-In movie theater back in 1963.

    RIP Mr. Lewis

  • Fisherman

    The telethon meant: back to school the next day, and he smoked like a chimney

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Jerry's film persona was so goofy I loved it when I was a kid. Nothing makes me feel like a kid again as much as watching him conduct the choir in the movie You're Never Too Young with Dean Martin.


    I cried when John Lennon was shot and now I am definitely feeling weepy for Jerry. He was truly my inspiration as a child. What an idiot he portrayed, made me feel competent.

  • smiddy

    Jerry Lewis and dean Martin were the latter days Abbot & Costello and Laurel & Hardy.

    " jerry Lewis ,"they have muscles you can get a gun " about to confront hoodlums.

    "Dean and jerry hungry with only a pea to eat and jerry ends up with a steak thrown out of an upstairs window ,nah says dean"

    The Army movie "At War With The Army" ?

    How about the grid-iron move "Thats My Boy " ?

    Sorry I cant post them and I`m only going by faded memory for titles. however in their day they were good family movies young and old could get a laugh out of.

    Apparently he did give a helluva lot to certan charities.$$$$$$ wise.

    He had his faults but none of us are perfect

    R.I.P. jerry Lewis

  • jookbeard

    I remember The Nutty Professor as a very young kid indeed , a brilliant movie , the utter crap of a remake by Eddie Murphy was dire beyong words, The King of Comedy struck a chord with me also De Nero was brilliant.RIP JL.

  • pale.emperor

    Loved Jerry Lewis as a kid. Most kids in my school had never heard of him so i got to be funny be ripping off old time comedians jokes.

    I read somewhere that he used to visit Stan Laurel in his home and get advice on comedy writing.

  • glenster

    "The Day the Clown Cried" (1972) Reconstruction [English Subtitled]" by

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    The Nutty Professor also holds the record of longest period of time between an original movie and its sequal with the origin star reprising his role. (It was an animated movie, which was made a few years ago, and features the voice of Jerry Lewis as his original character, but it focuses on his son.)

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