Watchtower Says: "Please Do Not Touch CALEB and SOPHIA" (at Warwick HQ)

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  • HiddlesWife
  • blownaway

    That is the elders job.

  • HiddlesWife

    blownaway=> LMFAO!

    But on a serious note, I could empathize with the posters of that other forum as well. The GB is also only concerned about those fictional cartoon characters because they are used to convert and indoctrinate the minds of young children to become STEPFORDKIDS for this corporation.

  • LV101

    Very interesting link and thx for share, HW. WOW - like those filthy 8GREAT (gag me) care about the welfare of little children. Where's the evidence -- hospitals, havens for the toss away children, etc, charitable neighborhood hands on help for the underprivileged. Thank god they don't have anything for children because they'd be larger venues for their pedophile havens like the hall bunkers and their religious strategies. Everything they touch is horror for children/adults, dogs/pets the earth!

  • HiddlesWife

    LV101=> Although the GB doesn't have anything but videos for indoctrination purposes of these characters, individual R&Fs have marketed merchandise regarding the above (as shown in the links below):

    {These PIMIs probably figure that since the GB have been "successful" in promoting these characters for conversion, why not they themselves get to do the same--plus make a profit while they are at it, too.}

  • LV101

    Interesting -- ahh, capitalism along with cultism - clever! Good for them but still makes me gag knowing the cult's motives for recruiting.

    The Caleb/Sophia are the W/Ts in the colored caption -- sorry, I've not paid any attn. to C&S nor WT's videos until Lloyd Evan's link the other day of leaked financial - I can't stand to look at WT buffoons' faces even pictured here on board. The bright yellow block head (first square to left) isn't WT art -- I've seen that online and have received the particular emoji/toon character via text messages. Guess the molesting/raping/mind-numbing cult thinks they're cartoonists now - move over Walt Disney and his famous Mickey Mouse drawing. If so, they've paid out some serious marketing firm/research analyst fees -- thinking outside the bunkers.

  • Alex Bogdanov
    Alex Bogdanov

    Since the Armagedon was cancelled the Organisation will slowly become a usual church. Where people will go because their parents used to. Like Orthodox church for example that is selling candles, icons and other merchandise and Orthodox followers dont mind buying it they understand it is for fun. I hope JWs one day will realise that what they do is not serious just another hobby to kill time.

  • LV101

    I hope they become mainstream and kick out the toxic cult crazy. I don't think the power mongers will leave their power but will make adjustments if no other options. I'm sure it's very difficult for them to believe their heyday of growth is over and out and few blind worshippers/followers to be recruited. Oh happy day!

  • millie210

    I seem to remember a thread a few years back showing the Mormon version of Caleb and Sophia. Different names same game.

    Interesting to note that the Mormons had theirs first so guess who's the proud owner of the knock offs?

  • sparrowdown

    And if someone does touch them will they call the police or the service department?

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