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  • 2+2=5

    Then you'll easily be able to point to a reference for such a statistic ... right?

    Or is it just one of these "surely it must be so!" claims that you just wish were the case? (for some macabre reason)

    You think I have a macabre reason for suggesting that perhaps the JWs over represent in trade work? You sound pathetic.

    In Australia I can point to the national Census data. The JWs do predominately work in construction.

  • Simon
    In Australia I can point to the national Census data. The JWs do predominately work in construction.

    But what you were suggesting is that they were over-represented in suicides. I was quite legitimately asking you to verify that claim by pointing to the numbers. But of course you cannot.

    Who cares if JWs are over-represented in construction? It's useful skills and productive work.

    Your reasoning requires several leaps to reach a conclusion without basis. It would be just as valid to claim that JWs must have fewer suicide or accidental deaths because they value life / are careful due to their beliefs.

    I'm not saying that, I'm showing what you can do if evidence isn't required.

  • 2+2=5

    You don’t do logic very well. Or perhaps read again what I write. I stated that suicide is more common among those working in construction.

    This is true.

    I said construction is a probably a common occupation for JWs, they might have a high representation in these jobs.

    In Australia, this is true, census data confirms it.

    Most importantly, I actually fucking said I don’t believe suicide is more common among JWs. I said it, let it sink in.. you have twisted fucking reasoning.

    I don’t think suicides would be higher among JWs. It’s taught that suicide is a major sin and risks no resurrection so this could be factored in.

    If suicide was an absolute ticket to the ‘New System’, I think we might see higher rates but the WT has never taught that. They actually suggest the opposit

    You’re inventing an argument.. a logical person will notice I’ve never suggested that JWs are more prone to suicide(actually I stated the fucking opposite) and any rise in suicide could anyhow be atributed to occupation and NOT the religion. I quoted Steve2, he was talking statistics.. notice the context and I how I wasn’t ever dogmatic, enjoying constructive conversation with the adults until I was blasted out of context. The point, obviously lost on you, was that there are so many factors it’s silly to speculate.

    Keep ranting though, it’s intriguing.

  • kramer

    “He said FUCKING...huh huhhuh, huh huh” (read in the voice of Butthead)

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