Looking forward to going to Memorial this year!

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  • blondie
    "born-in" is not a prejorative as if there are classes of ex-jws, some better quality than others.
  • pbrow

    Not sure if I follow you blondie, I certainly do not think of the term born in as a pejorative. It is the only class of jdubs that deserve some pity. Born ins are truly screwed from the start. People may choose to join or leave but the born ins have no choice. They are the only group of dubs that matter.

    Cow eyed adults may be further entrenched by goofy acts of defiance but my focus is not on the adults. They have made their choice and are cozy in the bed they have made. Plant the seed in one born in and it is worth it.


  • waton

    Actually, acting inappropriately at the event has a precedent:

    At the Last Supper, the disciples argued about position, who was, or would be, the greatest among them.

    But then, kpop, you are probably not a future Governing Body member, so, don't try to follow their example.

  • Chook

    I think any time drinking wine is a time to ponder the deeper things. Let him who has never been drunk cast the first stone on my head.

  • ScottyRex
    if you disrupt my mums night at the kingdom hall and upset her......I swear I will go postal on you.
  • NotNew

    Show me the scripture that says "go out and invite non believers to observe this event"!


    or non partakers

  • pbrow

    Waton.... that is actually pretty awesome..... Gulp some wine, stand up and say... I really am the greatest apostle of all of them!! How ironic would that be? I would guess the entire room would have no clue to the reference you would be making! Classic

    scotty.. blah... blah.... your mom is a cow eyed jdub too huh?


  • Darkknight757

    You want to disrupt their Memorial? Do it by refusing to attend. Show by your not attending that you will have nothing to do with their satanic black mass ritual.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    Drop an Alka Seltzer into their wine.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    When I was a child sitting in church Sunday morning (Baptist church) a man stood up during service and yelled," what you are preaching is a lie, you are all mislead. They eventually walked him out and service continued. It's funny I remember that, the man was either mentally off or it was said he was studying with JW but he accomplished nothing.It would have the same effect if I strolled into a KKK meeting and told everyone present, where are the white women It would confirm what they believe...They would only view you as, see what happen when you leave Jehovah.......

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