Those awkward magazines

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  • joe134cd

    I remember hearing a talk #4 given by a young teenage boy on masterbation. I remember a Sunday talk given by a young 20s something ministerial servant on a successful marriage even though he himself had never been married, and I would doubt even to this day has married. I cringed both times.

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    I was out with a group. One young teen girl pulled out the latest on "Menses". She rolled her eyes and said "yes, this is the magazine we have to place. I hope it isn't a man" And then she laughed in a smirking tone. Eventually she went to college and left the religion.

  • HappyDad

    I love this post for the simple reason that it reminds me how stupidly I bought into this crazy religion in the first place. Knocking on doors and really believing that I was doing a good work trying to convince the householder that we JW's could show them the way to a happier life. GAG GAG PUKE PUKE!

    Oh.….such wasted time when I could have stayed home on a Saturday morning doing projects around the house or out fishing or whatever.

    It's been over 17 or 18 years since I knocked on a door as a JW and I don't miss it and am happier than ever.

    I guess I was just a typical brainwashed cult member.

  • Lost in the fog
    Lost in the fog

    I often wondered what householders thought back in the day when they bought the magazines and in the case of the Watchtower came across two weeks study articles inside on disfellowshipping because of porneia or the like.

    Worse is the mindset of the average witness that these people who opened the door half asleep on a Saturday morning and who said "no" to your Awake! on Pornography would die at Armageddon because (quote) they had rejected their only opportunity to hear the message of God's Kingdom!

  • ttdtt

    I remember NOT placing lots of magazines:)

    As an Elder when I was All IN - I still cringed at those and left them at the hall.

  • steve2

    Of all the magazines I placed as a young JW, the one that sticks out was an Awake magazine on taking care of leather shoes (take home message: after applying the product to the shoe with a brush, buff to a shine with soft cloth).

    A much older brother reassured me if someone took the magazine out of interest in the shoe-care article, Jehovah would be able to tell if they were of meek disposiion to read the rest of the magazine and have a chance of learning the truth.

    i was so young and gullible. But I never forgot how to look after leather shoes. 🤭

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