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    The event, was attended by over 400 guests (undeterred by a late NE snow-event) and met with standing ovations. Sponsored by the Laura and Lorenz Reibling Family Foundation, Discover NEW WORLDS featured music by composers Jean Sibelius, Baris Perker and Antonin Dvorak.

    alongside the German Consul General Dr. Ralf Horlemann and his lovely wife.

    REIBLING supports ART

    Another project that brother Lorenz supports is "Gods in Color", an exhibition by Prof. Vinzenz Brinkmann that toured the world, including the Harvard Sackler Museum.

    I was pretty much impressed that a JW supports a projekt that deals with pagan gods! Tell me anyone why would a famous JW support an artist that likes antiqe gods. Aren't JW avoiding any pagan religions? Why does brother Lorenz use hypocrite methods to support artists?

    Is he as member of JW religion who knows personally an Professor or Arts free from the rules of the religion that forbid any support of pagan gods or pagan ideology?


    Supported by LLRFF

    Gods in Color - Painted Sculpture of Classical Antiquity

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    PEPLOSKORE is the goddess of hunt according to Reiblings friend Brinkmann. The second girl holds a bowl in the left hand and in the right hand makes a fist which could hold an arrow too. These details are shown in a video here

    Wait one point is important. Researchers thought that Peploskore is only a normal girl. But Prof. Vinenz Brinkmann, a german friend of Reibling invented the idea that she might have been a GODESS. It was Brinkmann, Lorenz friend that came with this idea.

    Brinkmann publishes his reserach in a german book "Girl or Godess, the mysteries of peploskore from the athen Akropolis".

    Vinzenz Brinkmann: Mädchen oder Göttin? Das Rätsel der ›Peploskore‹ von der Athener Akropolis, in: Vinzenz Brinkmann, Raimund Wünsche (Hrsg.): Bunte Götter. Die Farbigkeit antiker Skulptur, Staatliche Antikensammlungen und Glyptothek, München 2003, S. 53–60.

    Who is Prof. Brinkmann

    It makes me amused how a JW supports the revival of ancient goddesses in COLOR. Wouldnt it be fine to have one of these pieces of art in a bethel ehibition, as it was supported by a famous JWs? Is this not a matter to report to the elders but JW should push on the archeological research, it could reveal the truth. Of course I appreciate such research very much and it makes me happy how talented greek artists were in the 6 century BCE.

    "Kore" derives from the attic "kore", girl, virgin. Homer used "kure".

    Another goddess as shown in the Harvard magazine is the well know ATHENA.

    All color reconstructions of stone originals are by Vinzenz Brinkmann and Ulrike Koch-Brinkmann, joined for some pieces by Sylvia Kellner, Jan Stubbe Østergaard, Doris Lauenstein, Richard Posamentir, or Christian Wolters. The bronze head is by Olaf Herzog, Hagen Schaaf, and Raimund Wünsche. All reconstructions are loaned by the Stiftung Archäologie or the Staatliche Antikensammlungen und Glyptothek, Munich. Photographs are reproduced courtesy of the Stiftung Archäologie.

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    Concerning the mentioned support for symphonic orchestra and archeological research by our famous brother. Did you note that a rank & file JW is disadvised to attend higher education in music and archeology while high rank JW Lorenz is appreciated by the GB to support university education?

    All the projects supported by Reiblings foundation need people with higher education at university level. Is Reibling a secret supporter of the "secret pro-education fraction of Jehovas witnesses?

    This donations for universities and researchers are not alone a matter of conscience of one single brother but a slap in the face of the whole witness community which is admonished to remain uneducated and avoid higher education for the purpose of serving as full time pioneer.

    Should the GB not tell JW to imitate Reiblings example and to use a portion of remaining money as a donation in worldy universites or to study themselves music and archeology instead use their savings for the WTS ?

    Prof. Reibling made himself a career and is scientist and his career is presumably 100% contrarian to the common image of a JW.

    Whereas pioneers and average JW are satisfied with an average income or even halftime jobs and save money at accounts with low rendites and donate to the society to use a kingdom hall, Reibling’s daily business consists in convincing clients to agree to „club deals“ with at least 7% oder even double digit of 20 % return. He selects only the best and ultimate wealthy clients.

    The real estates are not just kept for the asset managers to sell it at a profit, says Chairman and Senior Partner Lorenz Reibling, but we want to develop them, make them more efficient and thus create economic added value. This pays off for the investors. Since 1996, returns of approximately 20% have been achieved with the risky club deals.‘“

    Should not all JW achieve also an edcuation where they can invest in such deals and have a better life in our critical time intead of simplyfing their lifes for the organsation?

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    Lorenz Reibling update... He is a wonderful person I am only mentioning him because he is very much supporting Jehovahs witnesses and helping in Nepal.

    Lorenz invited Jehovahs witnesses from Selters to speak at the Holocaust Symposium

    April 18, 2018

    I dont agree, about that. historians habe much said about the biblestudents. This could hide the acutal problems.

    Jehovahs witness were persecuted and brother Lorenz speaks about it. Courageous.

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    3 years ago

    JW holocaust survivor Hermine Liska and biblestudent with projectleader and Prof. Reibling

    I very much like such projects with survivors.

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    So this picture was on reddit and it was said that this is Lorenz in this picture - he was a terrible person behind the scenes

  • Vidiot
    OrohanCrow - "...A clear $$$$ line that connects the JW blood doctrine to the blood industry. Profiting from the blood doctrine."


    There's regular, garden-variety villainy... and then there's over-the-top, cartoon super-villainy.

    This leans way towards the latter, IMO.

    I once joked that maybe the bOrg's money troubles were because they were in hock to the Gambino crime family, but this almost makes me wonder if it's actually the Reiblings who have dirt on them we don't know about. :smirk:

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