Money and trustworthy men

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  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    I noted in the Josiah movie that the money collected in the temple was to be given to the men doing the restoration without any accounting as they were trustworthy men

    Contrast that statement with the way they guard and account for every penny. That is until it gets to the world headquarters. I used to do accounts and collect the boxes alone until a CO pretty much accused me of embezzling. I wasnt, the congregation was too poor to give as much as they wanted. No one else would stay until 11, then get up at 5 to go to work, and I wasnt allowed to just turn off the lights and kick people out. Once a sister gave a short check and i handled it, got the money and fee straightened out between us, then got in trouble because that is a COMMITTEE offense.

    I assisted a bigwig brother in the book room back when it cost. He would take all the money and write a check (tax deductible) leaving me no way to make change, and he missed a lot of meetings so I was on my own

  • NVR2L8

    I also did the accounts. When I took over from the previous brother the accounts were a mess. After clearing all the issues the CO said my work was exemplary. Then the new CO gave me shit for sending $0.11 to the WT instead of the KHall fun...I accidentally enter the amount on the wrong line of the remittance form. He told me to never do that if I did it on purpose...what an ass hole.

  • Diogenesister
    Road to nowhere Contrast that statement with the way they guard and account for every penny. That is until it gets to the world headquarters.

    Wow. Good call!!!

    once a sister gave a short check and I handled it....

    Do you mean, by committee, that she would have been called in to be counselled if you hadn’t have bailed her out??! Also, did the bigwig brother essentially make money from his “charitable donation”?! Now that’s plain dishonest of him, really.

  • smiddy3

    I was an MS and a literature servant way back and of course an elder had to check everything down to the last cent to make sure every thing added up .

    One time their was a discrepancy of one or two cents and brother fanatic elder went over and over the records to find where the error was and I said in exasperation don`t worry about it I`ll make up the difference !

    No, No , we have to find out where you went wrong ?

    Bloody hell I thought all this fuss over two fricking cents .? that I was prepared to make up .

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Diogenesister. The sister came up with the money right away, it was one of those bank things where a check wasnt credited right away. I knew the family was struggling so felt empathy ( remember the articles?) Back then any charitable donation was deductible, no hoops to jump through like now so I am sure that was part of his strategy

    The one bro after my wife pulled a "David" supported a brother in hospital on the blood stuff, all the while being after the wife. Sick bro died, elder divorced his wife and took the widow

  • blondie

    I remember an accounts servant that was called on the carpet by a new but older elder regarding a substantial donation a sister had given to pay off a loan for paving the parking lot, she put it the local KH fund, but was not applied to the loan. The servant had asked the PO if he should use it for that loan or to pay the utilities and the rest of the monthly mortgage. The PO told him to pay the utilities and the rest of the mortgage, as the PO was authorized to do, not the servant without checking with the PO first.

    Evidently, the PO had not communicated that to the other elders. The servant told the concerned elder to talk to the PO about it since the PO had authorized it. The PO approached the servant and said not to worry, the PO had worked it out with that elder privately. But no apology from the accusing elder and after that the accusing elder was always trying to find a reason to get that servant in trouble.

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