Cart Witnessing at Library

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  • M3tadata69

    Hello everyone, I live here in the States, and over the past summer and fall, I noticed that several times when I went to the public library there were witnesses sitting outside next to the door with their cart. Usually a couple of old geezers just sitting there racking up field service time. My question is, do they have to get special permission from the city to do this? I would think that members of the KKK or some extremist organization could not just pass out literature or advertise their policies in such a public place. I understand the first admendment aspect to this also, freedom of speech, etc... But I would think if people knew that they take a hard stance against homosexuality, pedophilia scandal, and other extreme views of the witnesses, they may not be so welcoming. Could I stand next to these cart witnesses and hold a sign up that points out these issues with the witnesses. Again this is all in the context of the public library.

  • alanv

    There is certainly nothing wrong with you standing near them outside the library or anywhere else for that matter. And you are right if people knew more about Watchtower's doctrines they would be appalled.

    Often when ex JWs do stand near the JWdubs with a placard or flyers they will move on, or even just call it a day.

    So go for it.

  • Phizzy

    Why draw attention to them, and do their work for them ? most people passing by do not know who they are. There is no need to give them extra publicity, just stand near the cart, and if anyone shows interest, talk to them, tell them what you know.

    Of course the cart and its accessories (the JW's) will move, but you will have achieved a great deal.

  • ttdtt

    Yea, why bother?

    You just make them believe that they are doing gods work and satan is trying to stop them.

    No one pays attention to them. The fastest way the religion would die is if the only form of service used was Carts.

  • carla

    Call the library and speak to the head person, ask them if they will be allowing all religions and groups to set up as well. Problem solved.

  • Xanthippe

    The JWs leave their rags on the shelves of the library I work in and the Mornons sit and preach to their new converts at the tables. I bin the literature but nothing can be done apparently about the Mormons because people are allowed to sit and talk about whatever they like. I want to go up to them, usually students from oversees at the university, and tell them not to listen to the nonsense but I have to bite my tongue.

  • carla

    I used to carry stickers about jw's ( and so on) and put them on the rags if they were in the library. I did notice that when the rags got polluted with my stickers they no longer left them there. Finally I did call and ask if all groups could leave literature. That seemed to do the trick. Our library has a 'window' where groups can set up an info/images etc.. so it could be scouts or the a local church having a shrimp dinner or whatever.

    You could also use the library computer and leave up jwfacts or anti witness site of your choice when done.

    Before we had a home printer I had to go and use the library to print out some (ex) jw info (back in my research days) and I think the lady doing the printing for me was a jw! she was clearly unhappy about what I was printing and tried to give me a hard time about how much I was printing. I had to pay for the copies so she shouldn't have cared that much.

  • BluesBrother

    . "Our library has a 'window' where groups can set up an info/images etc."

    Not a library , but in a coffee shop in the town where I used to live ... they had a community notice board for various groups. I found the local dubs were placing notices advertising their meetings.

    I made up my own notes and attached them by drawing pin to theirs. They said " WARNING ! Many people consider this group to be a cult..."

    Their notices stopped appearing .

  • just fine
    just fine

    Drives me nuts to see them outside the library - they are against everything a library stands for. Learning, growth, entertaining new ideas.....

  • Finkelstein

    Could I stand next to these cart witnesses and hold a sign up that points out these issues with the witnesses.

    Yes by all accounts you could as long as your peaceful about it.

    The JWS can because they supposedly are not selling anything $$$

    You could hold up a sign stating that the JWS religion is a corrupt fraud devised by a corrupt Publishing house known as the Watchtower Corporation / JWorg.

    Please do.

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