JWs Hit With $34 Million Judgement in Montana Child Abuse Case

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  • Room 215

    But...b-b-but we abhor child abuse!! 😒

    This is just another of many examples proving that the Eldumbs have ZERO qualifications when it comes to assessing the threat level posed to children.

    Eldumb 1: “Well... Brothers, it appears that Brother Touch-n-junk is repentant. He has been at all the meetings and in service.

    Eldumb 2: Yes, and we must remember that Moses made a copper serpent and Sampson had super strength, and that the GB has made us Shepherds. Remember that illustration with the Shepherd guarding his sheep with a staff??! Oh, man..that guy was like a Shaolin or something..

    Elder 3: ( WTF??!?? What a f**cking idiot.. This guy couldn’t even coordinate lawn mowing..) “Uhmmm, yeah... The Shepherd book says it’s all good. So we need to follow direction.”

    Great decision making based on an ancient collection of tales and the GB/Legal Departments insane interpretations of said tales. The WTBTS deserves to burn to the ground.

    Doubter, you’re up...


  • Freedom rocks
    Freedom rocks

    There certainly paying out the money in court cases at the moment. Nice to see jdubs donations are being well used 🤔

  • eyeuse2badub

    I wonder if the governing body will depend on men with a "HIGHER EDUCATION" ,you know, a Law Degree, to help them mitigate this law suit or will they rely on jehober to help them out?

    My bet is that those with "HIGHER EDUCATION" will be the ones that they rely on! Is "higher education" a useless pursuit not?

    just saying!

  • Finkelstein

    These law suits are a good thing for the general public can see that this religious organization was involved in protecting its public image just in similarity to how the Catholic religion was doing.

    You got to love unrestrained truth


    Doubter??? ( Cricket, cricket...)

    DD 😈

  • fulano

    "Hoger education" is not enough. Recruting from the brethren is not always an option. You need a damn dirty good one to defend these cases, the one that lies, makes things up....as good lawyers do. Not the elder-lawyer-attorney, brother el dombo, that does it pro deo.

  • minimus

    This is HUGE!!!! Watch Tower is in big trouble!

  • LongHairGal


    Yeah, don’t you know higher education is good if it benefits the religion? But, it it’s to benefit you that’s no good. You should starve to death!

    Of course, these hypocrites will try to benefit from JWs who got a higher education. And, these misguided JWs will be eager help a very undeserving religion. But, I agree with FULANO who says they need very sharp attorneys.

    I just hope this latest case gets loads of publicity so the remaining JWs can have it thrown up to them by the public!

  • AudeSapere

    Barbara Anderson started a thread on this exact subject a few days ago:


    Barbara's thread is currently 8-pages long.

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