Watchtower UK's Robert Li asks: "Can you lend me £75 million?"

by Fay Dehr 13 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • shepherdless

    Hi lastmanstanding and Fay Dehr,

    i don’t live in the UK. I am not the right person to take this on. It does seem to me that the charity status of Watchtower is dubious. There must be plenty of people here that could look more closely into it, etc.

  • cofty

    The Charity Commission is a toothless organisation. It has little power and rarely uses it.

  • westiebilly11

    I suspect It is their charity status that is propping up the show..remove it and their house of cards will fail...

  • credulity

    @Fay Dehr: "Am I thinking too simplistically?"

    Legally, yes. 'Public benefit' has an archaic and legalistic definition, which the UK Parliament did not take the opportunity to reform when it last considered the scope of charitable status a years ago (and, having so considered it, will not be further considering for the foreseeable future - change is too politically difficult unless public opinion sways against religious dogma in general). The 'Church of Scientology' was rejected charitable status, not because it couldn't demonstrate 'public benefit' (as legally defined) in the round, but because its lack of a belief in a supreme deity akin to traditional religions put it outside the charitable category of the 'advancement of religion' (as legally defined).

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