Contrast Jesus and Einstein

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  • venus

    Jesus did not use his (superhuman) skills to prove the existence of either God or immortality of soul. Further, he did not answer direct, important questions put to him (Mathew 21:23-27; Luke 22:70 …), and most importantly never defined ego—the root cause of all problems …

    However, Einstein, whose business was not spirituality, still defined ego as “optical illusion of consciousness.” This definition helps a lot because when one internalizes the idea that ego is only an illusion, he knows how to effectively deal with it.

  • Onager

    Einstein said: "God does not play dice with the universe."

    Jesus said: "Dad does not play dice with the universe."

  • Onager

    Einstein said:" Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

    Jesus said: "When you pray, pray like this..."

  • venus

    Onager, defining insanity, like the definition of ego, is too wonderful. That means Einstein was better than many professed religious leaders.

  • EverApostate

    Thanks for this quote - something to ponder upon. Googling >> Einstein said : "Our separation from each other is an Optical illusion of Consciousness."

    Einstein discovered the theory of relativity which are widely used in our GPS systems, making life so easy now

    Jesus said, "I am the way ......." but isn't worth a dime.

  • Saethydd

    We have reason to believe that Einstein actually did the many things attributed to him.

    Einstein's predictions about Gravitational Waves were definitely written down long enough in advance of their discovery to make the prediction legitimately impressive.

  • waton

    Einstein said " Where is the old Jehovah?" ***

    Jesus said "... ...... who is in heaven.."

    *** A chapter in the book.'Einstein in Berlin' Einstein wrote these words to a friend, asking why "god" would not intervene, as casualties mounted in the French trench warfare. meaning that

    Einstein used the name that Jesus never did, as far as we know from the book of bible stories, talking snake & all.

    added: Jesus spoke of the resurrection, Einstein: "--ach was!"

    Jesus used boats for transport, as a talk platform, Einstein [sail] boated for pleasure. no attempts of walking on water reported.

  • venus


    This is not about the means of transportation both used; but subjects of vital and primary importance such as existence of God, soul, definition of ego …etc. There are even times when Jesus did not know the answer to the simple question put to him, yet gave an answer that dishonored God. (John 9:1-3). Then there are cases of comparing pagans with dogs, glorifying slavery (Mathew 24:45) etc. Regarding walking over water and other miracles he supposedly performed—did he really perform them? If so, a disturbing question would arise: Why did the witnesses and beneficiaries of those miracles not put up a corresponding response such as coming in support of him when he was subjected to a mockery of trial, taking up preaching work even after his death …. etc.

  • waton

    I thought I dealt with that: Einstein said that God was nowhere to be found when we needed him, even using the name, which "Jesus" eschewed for "father".

    afterlife: 'ach was" vs Jesus' resurrection/soul. promise.

    Einstein had a good grasp of science, Jesus accepted a flat earth, water covering Everest just 2 millennia before him, the Adam and Eve story, and it's ancestry, chronology

    Why did nobody stand up for him? they tried even to kill the resurrected Lazarus to destroy evidence. I guess nobody really trusted their eyes.

    When faced with persecution, Einstein left Berlin for the US. Jesus could have followed the 10 tribes of Mormon fame and done the same.

    Jesus believed in magic, Einstein rejected "spooky action at a distance".

    Jesus claimed access to an interventionist god that would violate the laws of nature, Einstein was a deist.

    Jesus believed in the talking snake.

  • venus


    excellent, I agree with you

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