Basic Principles for Forum Moderation

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  • wannaexit
    Thank for the explanation Simon. Will know for next time.
  • Vidiot

    Frankly, I'm often surprised at just how much of the stupid shit I say is actually allowed to stay.

  • Quarterback
    Thanks, Simon. I try to follow the rules. You are patient. I'm happy to have a website like this that tells me how people really think on JW world.
  • kairos

    Thank you, sir.

  • Simon
    I'm often surprised at just how much of the stupid shit I say is actually allowed to stay

    I'm often surprised at just how much of the shit I said the day before is actually stupid

  • Phaedra


    I've been here since the start. That you keep this site going as labor of love is generous.
    phae, class of '99.

  • cognac

    Honestly Simon, I get pissed off to no end when people go against you. Not that you are perfect, nope, not that at all. But, you made a gateway to give an enormous amount of support to people at their very worst.

    I can't even imagine how I would have coped without this forum. I don't even think I could have.

    The pain was insanely unbearable and it was just all to much.

    So, I get very angry with the expectation that some people don't give leniency to you trying to just do the best job you can.

    When they get pissed at what they think is your slow reaction, or unjustified reaction, etc, etc. I get pissed.

    Cause, in the end you did not have to do this for us. And I will be forever grateful and in your gratitude.

  • azor
    Thank you simon. This site has been and continues to be of great benefit to me. I just had a great lunch with wonderful people that I met on this site.
  • talesin

    I've always said "This is Simon's coffee shop (or pub if you prefer), and as I would in any venue, I respect the owner's rules". The End.

    Thanks for providing the venue, Simon (and to your family, and of course, the other mods). I know that at times, if seems like a thankless effort, but you know, that's not really true, right? xx

  • KateWild


    Thanks for the site. I don't post as much as I used to, but I visit everyday and want to help those that are doubting and feeling hurt and betrayed.

    Kate xx

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