Mentally Retarded

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  • Gorbatchov

    Not long ago, claimed that those against the GB are mentally retarded.

    Today I found this background article:

    It's something!


  • _Morpheus

    I recall them saying “mentally diseased”. Not exactly the same thing but not any better, if you ask me.

  • steve2

    Morpheus is correct: JW organization calked apostates “mentally diseased”. But the OP draws attention to a valid point: Names that have been created to move away from insulting labels themselves eventually become insulting. Retarded was once a respected,well-defined adjective to describe a specified level of intellectual functioning. If intellectual functioning falls lower than the 70 - 75 band, it meets criteria for retardation. Nowadays the adjective (and noun,retard) are avoided because of highly negative connotations).

  • Alex Bogdanov
    Alex Bogdanov

    That was a good article for me. Interesting to read how English language is changing

  • eyeuse2badub

    The only time that I felt that I was "mentally retarded" and/or "mentally diseased" was when I was truly a 'faithful jw'.

    One really has to check their sane /rational mind at the door to fully swallow the sh*t the wtbts teaches. The image of Lett's face when he is saying "mentally diseased" is the irony!

    just saying!

  • Vanderhoven7

    Then: “Morons” were the most intelligent — they had IQs between 50 and 70. “Imbeciles” with IQs between 25 and 50 were the second level. Those below 25 would remain “idiots.”

    Today:, Mentally Challenged, Cognitively Challenged or Intellectually Challenged are considered acceptable.

  • steve2

    In professional reports, nouns to describe the individual are avoided. Instead the individual is described as having a cognitive impairment that falls within a specified intellectual “quotient” range.

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