Does anyone know how many kh's are/Have been sold?

by purrpurr 14 Replies latest jw friends

  • purrpurr

    Are we at least able to estimate? And where are the funds from these sales going? The official line is of course that it's to build halls in Africa etcbut I don't believe it

  • pepperheart

    Ileaked video that out about two years said the watchtower was going to sell 3,000 khs off around the world.

    In 2012 the watchtower sold 20 branch offices around the world off

  • LV101

    Pepperhrt -- Didn't the leaked video indicate over a five (5) year period? Wouldn't that time frame be exhausted by now -- or they're extending the time frame? I'm sure it meant several things since it's the WT or maybe they had a late starting point.

  • APieceOfShitNamedTate

    @Pepperheart: Where can I find that video?

  • Atlantis


    Click on the link below and scroll down and click on page 3. Look for World Headquarters Budget (WHQ Budget) and other related leaked videos.

  • pepperheart

    Lv the jw man at the start of the video was talking about 2016,so even if they were talking about 2015 by my maths that makes it 4 years old.

    a piece

    Its a video on the jw survey channel on youtube and its called under the "watchtower in focus"section and its called dedicated funds.

    John redwood who is one of the ex jw people on the video had a very intresting thought about why the watchtower has made so many cuts since 2012.

    What he thought was that many of the 3rd world branches in africa and asia are not paying their way and are depending on a few rich countries to pay the bills.and that really made sense to me if you have 40 or 50 branches that are not fully paying their way then it very quickly mounts up

  • smiddy3

    I can`t say how many KH`s have been sold around the world by now but I`m sure its a bloody lot.And most if not all KH`s have been built with volunteer labor and in many cases donated materials all for free.

    When a KH is sold all of the profits go back to the USA HeadQuarters in other words the Governing body .

    How else can they fly all around the world and live like royalty without having to do a days honest work.


  • asp59

    Dont think org is broke they probably have more money then ever. But KHs are half empty. And there is not much happening in western world for them. So better sell of branches. Think they trown in towel when it comes to congregacions

  • LV101

    I hope they keep up the good momentum of selling -- another year isn't far off. It's sad for the elderly who have to drive in treacherous weather/greater distances - they should start their own meetup or choose a nice non-denominational church that provides refreshments and potluck after the service. New religion would be too drastic of a change for them so it is what it is.

  • LV101

    Atlantis - thanks for the 'leaked' links -- I don't know which one to click on and cannot listen through each of those - I clicked on one and something about wanting to help the brothers/unreal (oh, my! couldn't stand it). Anyone know exactly which video? Not a big deal -- the info is pretty much in my head but I just keep hoping for more hall sales regardless of what the plan was at that time.

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