Genesis to Revelation = Failure for God

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  • pleaseresearch

    No matter how I look at this. God comes out losing. The first humans on earth. The first two, not the eight hundredth. But the first two rebelled and failed God. No sorry, even before they did that, Satan and his angels, what was it one third turned their back on him in heaven.

    No matter what plays out from now into the future. This has been an absolute miserable failure for God. The fact that he has allowed us all to get into this state too, shows an even bigger failure and demonstration of how unloving he is.

    I'm sure we all have our own way in which we would have dealt with Adam and Eve. I for one would have them still alive right now, in the garden of Eden, in a fallen state. Sinful, ageing and ever so slowly dying. Locked in a cage for us all to go visit and see. An example to the rest of us. The rest of us who didn't come from them. For we came from Ben and Fanny. God's second attempt at humanity. A couple that did in fact go on to do as God asked and thus perfect humans would have been filling the earth today. The angels still would have face palmed themselves when Satan, Adam and Eve rebelled.

    But how the Angels can have any respect for God allowing his son to come to the earth to die. All the people that died in the Flood. The billions to die at Armageddon and the billions to die after the thousand year reign. I can't see how they could respect someone like that.

  • punkofnice
    I'm sure we all have our own way in which we would have dealt with Adam and Eve.

    As god (which I don't believe exists btw), I would have admitted I was wrong and forgiven them. There. Job done. No need for men living in fish, floods, slaughter or agreeing with slavery. I don't believe in 'sin', it's just a religious concept invented to shame and control the masses.

    Well, it depends on which god we're talking about, out of the thousands that people believed in.

    I think we only talk about the bible god because that's usually the one associated with our culture.

    You're correct in pointing out the stupidity of the bible.

    As for talking snakes; what a joke.

  • Finkelstein

    Why did Yahweh kill off humanity during Noah's flood when Adam's family still held the inherent sin from Adam, which accordingly returned mankind to its previous state before the flood ?

    I dont think Yahweh was too bright ............... just saying

  • pleaseresearch

    I forgot to mention apart from the billions of people that will eventually die in the future. How many trillions of bugs and animals have died up to this point.

    Your right Finkelstein he's not the brightest.

  • OnTheWayOut

    So much is wrong in that Bible.
    How about Lot's two daughters getting him drunk enough to not know he's having sex with his daughter TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW? Yet he was a righteous man.

    I have similar problems as you mentioned with millions dying at the flood and with the same at Armageddon.

  • venus

    Hi pleaseresearch,

    Good thinking, and I liked the option of quarantining Adam and Eve for all people to know how to make wise decisions in life.

    Interestingly, that is what has happened in principle (which would show God is not a failure, but is in very much control)

    When Genesis Chapter one says God gave a perfect start to mankind with freedom to eat from all trees, and in parallel account of Genesis chapter two when it says Adam (originally means mankind) was prohibited from a “tree of good and bad” which would bring death—obviously every element is symbolic: Adam, tree of good and bad, death ... etc. Genesis chapter 1 is all about first half of the history in which everything was perfect and Genesis chapter 2 and 3 are about second half of the history in which mankind in general did is shown through a symbolic man--Adam. Eating from “a tree of good and bad” is best understood from looking at the consequence—couple started a game of shifting the blame which is the sign of ego. Hence eating of “tree of the good and bad” symbolizes developing a new awareness in terms of good and bad which seldom has to do with reality. For example, we describe rain as good (if we are farmers, or relaxing at home during summer) and bad (if we are sitting in the cricket stadium to watch the game); yet the fact is that rain is a neutral event—neither good nor bad—a distinction our ego makes depending upon its convenience. Thus tree of good and bad symbolized ego which makes one’s life hell (resembling death, opposite of really living in joyfulness). Even now we can see people creating their own hell because of their ego. Look at the mentality of the rich. “Eight men own the same wealth as the 3.6 billion people who make up the poorest half of humanity.” ( Everyone knows we enter empty-handed and exit empty-handed. Yet many people want to pile up things which they seldom would need while privation and poverty exist on the other side. Thus it is their mere thinking that they can be happy only if they see people in poverty against themselves being placed in abundance. It takes only seconds for Jews and Palestinians to live in paradise if they begin to think “let us forget our past and live together as brothers.” Root cause of all problems is egoistic thinking which can be uprooted within seconds if one wants to.

    But many are not willing to do that. For this, solution is to have a two halves of history—first half for the egoless and the second half for the egoistic who would live as though quarantined because they don't live in the first half of the history. Design of this would be such that the egoless start their lives in the first half and live through second half too where they would serve as a moral force here and there in the role of great people where as the egoistic take birth only in the second half which would naturally end in “Last Days” as described in 2Tim 3:1-15. This would necessitate God to “renew” things for the cycle of history to go on ((Mathew 19:28) something which even Nietzsche discerned. (Eternal Recurrence, written by Nietzsche).

    It means history is a cycle of renewal and eventual pollution. We are now eye-witnesses of pollution of the nature with its water resources and air being treated like global garbage cans whereas people of the many cultures were eye-witnesses of perfect environment because they were taking good care of the nature and keeping it beautified—a fact that we can glean from their ancient stories [which are reflections of their time] that show they were worshipping things such as forces of nature, river …..etc. This is not about literal worship, but is to be understood in contrast to the attitude we display now towards nature.

    My main source of information is the living mankind. We have the history of nations (individuals collective) which proves a simple mechanism—one action/happening leads to another action/happening which becomes the cause of another action/happening. For example, Israel performed genocide which only returned to them later like a boomerang (which means God did not authorize its cause or its future boomeranging effect—it’s all mere natural outcome). What is true of individuals collective is true of each individual too whether their past history is visible or not. Behind all the details, essence is that what an individual or individuals (collective) think, speak, and do is the energy they send out; and all their experiences are the energy that returns to them.

    There are certain things we are all sure about:

    1) New things become old as time passes;

    2) We all come through (not from) our parents who in turn come through (not from) their parents which means humans have no beginning; and

    3) There is a gradual increase of population ..etc. which shows that we descend from our heavenly home in certain order like children come out to play in different timings.

    Some (the egoless) enjoy their play because they do not take its details too seriously whereas others (the egoistic) create a hell for them because they take every detail of the game too seriously. In the end everything is polluted and decadent which calls for the regular renewal; and all children return home at the same time; and next cycle begins. I have an added advantage because I have studied Clinical Psychiatry and also Past Regression which also gave me some more insight into the way things happen here. When I myself underwent Past Regression, information buried in my own subconscious mind surfaced revealing many of my past lives—and in the immediate past birth I was a Spanish Franciscan nun who was martyred because of my blind and over zeal (which means I took the details too seriously) which provided the basis for my present life in which I am not attached to any religion or ism; but transcend all of them looking for essence rather than details. Abraham Maslow got it right when he said: “All of life is education and everybody is a teacher and everybody is forever a pupil.” I have answer to all questions in my body—it goes through a new beginning, growth, old, and cycle repeats—which is just one among many other cycles that repeat such as water cycle, carbon cycle, day and night, season …

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