JW hospitality toward those not in the org.

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  • Chook

    Let's here some stories of Good Samaritan conduct , I asked an elder so called friend once could my son sleep on garage floor for a couple of days due to work , the answer was no due to son not believing.

  • ToesUp

    Yep...if your not a JW, they will do nothing for you. When we were still in they would do nothing for you. If you're not an Elder, CO, pioneer, beth-hell or someone who can do nothing for WT you are pretty much invisible. Can you just feel the love?

  • Splash

    An elder was telling me about a sister who had just stopped pioneering.

    His exact words were "she's no use to us now".

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Chook, I assume it was the elder's garage. I hate to say it but I would have been leery of even another believer sleeping in my garage if I didn't know him. A stranger is a stranger. But, if it were a group of fellow witnesses on a KH build or something, then that would have had some structure and recourse if something negative happened. Its not always as simple as it sounds.

    One brother I know of saw a truck stuck on the side of the road. It was a man and his family heading to Arkansas. (We are in California). The man needed money to get his family there so he gave the brother the pink slip to the truck as collateral and the brother used his credit card to buy bus tickets for the family. (around $500.00) Not only did the brother NOT hear from them again, the engine was blown on the truck and he was stuck with it. Doing nice things for others? Not always wise.


    JW hospitality toward those not in the org.

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  • scratchme1010
    Well, though I agree that I have seen and experience the same disgusting attitude, there's also the fact that sometimes they show some kindness and hospitality to non-JWs and ex-JWs. However, it's mostly to seize an opportunity to push their agenda. If it's to a non-JW, it's with the purpose of preaching to them. To an ex-JW it's with the purpose of trying to entice them to go back, or to get information that they need, or because they themselves need something from the ex-JW person.
  • Divergent
    How do you expect them to be hospitable towards those not in the org when a large number of JW's are not even hospitable to fellow JW's?
  • Chook

    To make matters worse was this pious elder was my best man at my wedding. All their love is conditional.

  • zeb

    we faced eviction due brothers abandoning us in the middle of their contract to build our house.(We were saved by the good graces of a 'worldly' money organisation and its kind principals.) and the house was dead basic!

    Later said bro came into money I asked for the minutes of the 'committee meetings' and they were "not available" and one elder said to me these were his words, "they were not real committee meetings" what were they a plastic replica?

    I recall thinking this is one cracked up cong. No internet in those days or I would have known it was the entire org!

  • LongHairGal


    They have no regard for anybody outside the religion and even most who are in. Only a few carefully selected people in the religion will get any kind of help.


    I'm glad to hear that elder actually uttered the words "she's no use to us" when describing a sister who stopped pioneering. I LIKE hearing that because it makes the attitude I encountered very real. I had to work so I never pioneered so I'm proud to say they had no use for me.

    I laugh now because I'm out of there and the feeling is mutual. I wouldn't give the time of day or anything else to them.

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