The Book of Mormon

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  • dubstepped

    My wife and I went to see it today at the encouragement of some of our new friends. We laughed until we cried, and it was so cathartic to sit in a room full of hundreds of people laughing at the ridiculousness of religion. Sure, the subject is Mormonism, but it was very poignant and applicable to all religion. If you haven't seen it, you really owe it to yourself. We left the theater just awestruck at how much applied to the dubs and our lives growing up. If it comes to a town near you, see it.

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    Is that a movie, a play? Where?

  • dubstepped

    It is a play, developed by the same guys that did the cartoon South Park. It is very blunt, non-politically correct, and it just takes shot after shot at Mormon beliefs and religious beliefs in general if you think about it. It is a famous Broadway play in the United States. I don't know where it travels to, but if you look it up and find that it is near you, it is worth the price of admission. Be forewarned, it has similar humor in it to the South Park cartoon, but it is intelligent. There are lessons too, about kindness and such. It's not all irreverent.

    Edit to add: It looks like you can go on youtube and find both acts one and two recorded from various plays. You can listen to the songs as well. Might be worth viewing, though nothing like seeing it in person.

  • scratchme1010

    I'm in New York and haven't seen it. Good idea to go and watch it. Thanks for recommending it.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    We saw it in Seattle at the Paramount. It was very entertaining from beginning to end.

    There were young gay guys (I'm guessing) in the audience dressed as Mormon Elders and they knew all of the songs. They stood around in groups in the lobby before curtain and during intermission and re-enacted scenes from the play.

    There were Mormons sitting behind us during the play and I could hear them commenting. During one segment I heard one of them say to the other "Well...they got that right...that's for sure".

    It was interesting to note that on the program, the Mormon Church had an advertisement for their church and their literature.

  • dubstepped

    @Pete - My wife and I quickly noticed the ad in the program for their church. We were astounded. Either they really just don't get it, or they're just that arrogant.

    We donated money afterward for the AIDS charities they were collecting for. I shook the hand of one of the actors and told him that although we weren't Mormon, we were recent ex-Jehovah's Witnesses and I thanked him sincerely for his part in the play. It meant a lot. We also saw some people dressed as Mormons, just like you, and according to one usher I overheard talking and that actor we met, there have been many Mormons that watched it and liked it. I can't really imagine how they could like it AND be Mormon, but whatever.

  • ctrwtf

    Saw it at the Oneill. Laughed ourselves silly.

  • mrquik

    I lived in Manchester, NY home of the Mormons. They have a statue on Hill Cumorah of the angel Moroni. Somehow having your lead angel named moron seems appropriate for this cult. I marvel at how Joseph Smith got people duped into believing his batshit crazy ideas. But, then again, Russell did an excellent job himself.

  • DJS

    I've seen it twice. Very funny. Anyone who can watch it and still believe in any of the Mormon nonsense is seriously deluding themselves.

    I only wish some ex-dubs would make one about the DarkLords.

  • JWdaughter

    Mormons honestly have a better sense of humor about things. In the church and out of it, they can laugh at themselves. JWs are incapable of it.

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