Beardless Jesus. Why?

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  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    "Pastor" Charles Taze Russell wore a beard. A great crowd of CTR's Brooklyn Fanboys emulated him. When Russel died, many Bible Students took issue with the way "Judge" Joseph Franklin Rutherford changed The Watchtower organization. The Sadlack brothers in Germany published a book titled "The Desolation of the Sanctuary" that addressed the concerns felt by many Bible Students. Rutherford was crafty enough to see how beards could be used to undermine his Theocratic Authority, so he outlawed them. Possibly the last Bethelite to sport a beard was William E. van Amburgh, who became an officer of the WTB&TS in 1901 and served the WTB&TS unntil his death in 1947. (Yes, he outlived Rutherford by five years).

  • stuckinarut2

    This sums it up really well!

    It shows how the society changed the portrayal of Jesus' facial hair over the years...

  • smiddy

    I suppose it may be a bit crass to suggest or question whether Jesus had pubic hair or not as according to Watchtower illustrations he didnt have underarm hair or chest hair either.

    Wasnt that just a natural progression of the discussion ?

  • schnell
    Jesus Christ is dolphin smooth.
  • tepidpoultry

    Well look,

    The man could raise the dead!

    Why would a little miracle electrolysis not be within reach?

    Have a little faith!!


  • Vidiot

    Beardless Jesus.


    Because Rutherford was an asshole.

  • blondie

    So did Jesus have a beard in the pre-Rutherford WTS publication?

  • blondie

    jwfacts has a good compilation of WT statements about beards and other behind the scenes documents.

    It even shows how people are resurrected with beards but eventually become beardless.

  • Sequoia

    So they post pictures of jesus in the Watch Tower? I thought pictures orf Jesus are considered false worship.

  • blondie

    Sequoia, that sounds like an old idea of jws....there have been pictures of Jesus in the publications for a long time. It you put it up on the wall and light candles and pray to it....I think that is a no-no

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